Rare Pink And White Dolphins Come Back Into The Waters Of Hong Kong

Sep 21, 2020 by apost team

It's a view that few people are privileged enough to see. And now, thanks to reduced traffic in the area, an increased number of people are getting a glimpse of the beautiful rare pink-and-white dolphins that live in the rivers of Hong Kong.

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When you think of dolphins, you probably think of the classic bottlenose dolphins splashing and playing in tropical waters. But what many people don't know is that Hong Kong is the home for a rare breed of pink-and-white dolphins known as the Chinese white dolphin.

Like their name suggests, these dolphins are a beautiful pearlescent white with shades of pink. When you see these dolphins in person--and few people do--it's not hard to see where the legend of mermaids came from. These dolphins seem to gleam and shimmer in the sunlight as they play in the Hong Kong rivers.



These dolphins might be beautiful, but that doesn't mean that they're safe from the havoc that pollution has wreaked on their environment. In recent years, the number of Chinese white dolphins in Hong Kong has been steadily dropping. The population has dropped due to the waste and pollution clogging up the rivers that they call home. Overfishing has also destroyed their main source of food, forcing the dolphins to travel elsewhere for survival.

Additionally, the rivers of Hong Kong are a high-traffic area with countless ferries passing in and out every day. With this in mind, it's no wonder that so many Chinese white dolphins have died out or left for cleaner waters.

For years, it seemed like a lost cause. But now, thanks to reduced ferry traffic in the area, the Chinese white dolphins are starting to return to the waters of Hong Kong, reports the Guardian. Multiple photographers have snapped pictures of these iridescent dolphins playing, frolicking, and catching fish in the waters.

According to scientists, the number of dolphins in the Pearl River Delta has increased by as much as 30%, as reported by The Guardian. Fewer ferries mean less pollution, and less fishing means more food for the dolphins. As a result, they're slowly but surely starting to return to their natural habitat.

And it's certainly a shock to anyone who sees them. Can you imagine standing in front of a river in China and seeing a white dolphin peek out of the waves? At first, you think there has to be some kind of mistake--dolphins don't live in Hong Kong. But the Pearl River Delta is steadily being repopulated with these beautiful, otherworldly creatures.

The dolphins are starting to return

Scientists who study these dolphins are shocked, saying they've never seen anything like this before. But all it took for the dolphins to return to their natural habit was a reduction in the amount of boat traffic. Since the start of the pandemic, around 200 ferries have stopped their routine trips in these waters, which makes the river much more appealing for dolphins.

However, the news isn't all positive. Researchers have noted a decrease in the number of baby dolphins in the area, which suggests that the population is still dwindling, according to WWF Hong Kong. Many conservation groups are doing their part to ensure the survival of this magnificent species.

But overall, it seems that the Chinese white dolphin is starting to call the Hong Kong rivers their home once again. We can't wait to see more snapshots of these beautiful creatures in action!

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