Rare Fawn Becomes Internet Sensation After Its Mother Abandoned Him

Being abandoned for being an outcast is not an easy thing to deal with. No one wants to be shunned by others, especially when the shunning is coming from your own family. Unfortunately, this was the case when a cute little fawn was born in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

When visitors make their way to Deer Tracks Junction, they are gifted with many beautiful animals that reside on the farm, such as deer, elk, pigs, and chickens. This farm enjoys thousands of visitors every year. A beautiful little fawn became one of the main attractions of the farm back in 2015. The reason? His unique face. 

The farm owner’s son gave the adorable little fawn his own unique name – Dragon. Owner of Deer Tracks Junction, Hilary Powell, posted the name on the farm’s personal Facebook page. She joked that her son would not be permitted to name any of the animals anymore. The beautiful fawn has a rare white face. While humans find this look exquisite, the mother rejected the fawn at birth. Not only that, the small baby was almost stomped to death.


Powell stated that Dragon’s mother probably rejected him because of the way he looked.

Since he didn’t look like the other fawns, he was immediately thought of as an outcast. Dragon may have a beautiful face, but it stands out in the lush environment of the woods. That would make it difficult for the little fawn to survive, as predators could easily see him as they hunted. Blending into the foliage would have been difficult for the fawn. Unfortunately, Dragon didn’t make it to his first birthday. He passed away due to health complications.

Powell wrote in an update that despite all of the medical intervention they gave to Dragon, he didn’t make it. She stated that everyone will greatly miss the beautiful fawn. 

After the update, the farm received hundreds of messages and reactions to the post. Most were fans of the little fawn, thanking the owners for all they did for the rejected animal. Everyone would surely miss the little guy!

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