Rachael Ray Loses It When Her 'Daytime Crush' Gets Makeover And Cuts Hair For First Time In 15 Years

Mar 02, 2021 by apost team

American celebrity Rachael Ray is one of the United States’ most well-known chefs thanks to her countless cookbooks, her work at The Sagamore restaurant and her television shows.

The 52-year-old New York State native hit her big break while working at Cowan & Lobal, a specialty market in Albany, New York, in the late 1990s. It was there where the chef developed a cooking course in which she’d show students how to cook a meal in 30 minutes or fewer, which WRGB, a local CBS station, picked up as a weekly television segment. Shortly thereafter, Ray landed a deal with the Food Network for “30 Minute Meals,” which continues to air on the channel after more than two decades.

But as this story demonstrates, Ray is into more than just the food business. The television host and culinary wizard has recently taken on a new venture: makeovers. During a 2019 segment of CBS’s “Rachael Ray,” Ray gave her production assistant, a then 28-year-old named Max, what she calls a “man-over.” So instead of a 30-minute meal, this episode was all about a 30-minute makeover.

As the below video shows, the talented chef seems to have a close relationship with her production assistant, Max. The pair spend so much time working together that Ray jokingly calls Max her "boyfriend” during the segment, which we’re sure is news to John Cusimano, Ray’s husband since 2005! With that said, Ray jokes during the episode that it’s only a “daytime crush.” In any case, you can tell that Max is important to Ray, and it seems like the chef really does want to give the young man a special gift.

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Ray was surprised to learn that Max, her “boyfriend,” had not had a haircut since the seventh grade, more than a decade ago! The culinary assistant went to work in his typical attire, likely thinking that it was going to be a day like any other, arriving in jeans, a t-shirt, a baggy sweatshirt and a baseball cap.

Ray pulls Max into the camera's view during the episode, scooping the 28-year-old assistant into a big side-hug. Max seems a little uncertain of the situation until Ray begins to talk. “Max, come here. I’m gonna embarrass you really bad. The reason he’s here today," Ray says, gesturing to the person operating the camera, “is because we’re gonna give you a little love at the show, and we’re gonna give you a man-over and maybe take away your little (man bun).”

Max seems a little uncertain, even cursing a bit in response, but Ray grants him some reassurance. "You've been washing my dishes and taking care of me and cleaning up after me," she says. So we’re gonna clean you up a lil’ and get you a hot date night.”

But given that Ray is more well-known for her 30-minute meals, not 30-min “man-overs,” the chef brings in stylist and television personality Kyan Douglas to help with Max’s transformation. For those who don’t recognize Douglas, most fans know the stylist from the original “Queer Eye,” where he worked as the grooming expert. And if Max’s transformation is any indication, Douglas still has the “Queer Eye” makeover touch.


“I am absolutely floored. I did not expect this at all,” Max says before undergoing the makeover process.

“I’m not sure what a ‘man-over’ is. I’ve never heard of that before, but I believe what Rachael has in mind for me is cutting my hair, shaving my beard, trimming it, and I can’t imagine what else Rachael has planned for me. It just seems right and feels right to make this happen.”

Before we see a transformed Max, Ray takes time to talk to Douglas about the “man-over” process, which includes a haircut, shave and wardrobe upgrade for the 28-year-old crew member. Seeing that Max hasn’t received a haircut since he was a teenager, you might think that he wouldn’t have strong opinions when it comes to his transformation. But Douglas specifically notes that Max knows “what he’s looking for.” For instance, Douglas explains that Max wants a haircut that suits his thinning hair. Douglas and Rachael also speak to Max’s “incredible” eyes, which are normally obscured by his long hair.

“He’s got these incredible eyes. Did you notice the eyes before?” Douglas asks.

“Of course I did, I have a daytime crush on him,” Ray admits with a smile.

When Ray's daytime husband finally reappears from backstage toward the end of the segment, she is unable to contain her excitement. Max emerges handsomely dressed and is almost unrecognizable! Not only is most of his hair gone but he also has an entirely new fit. The baggy yellow hoodie is no more thanks to Douglas' style intervention.

Instead, Max sports a fashion-forward ensemble of a loose-fitting brown blazer, a grey hoodie and a black button-down shirt tucked into a pair of well-fitting jeans.

Everyone is all smiles during the reveal, and the audience can’t seem to stop cheering for the transformed 28-year-old “Rachael Ray” crew member.

"You look amazing!" Ray exclaims. "I think so, too," Max responds. Unable to contain her excitement, Ray jumps up and down on the stage. "Oh my god, you look so fine!" she screams.

Viewers online agree.

“Mad Max make over did a fantastic job. He looks like a grown-up now!” Katherine Owian writes on YouTube.

This isn’t Ray’s first foray into makeovers, however. In fact, Douglas is a fairly regular guest on the show. In a more recent 30-minute makeover segment from February 2020, former “Queer Eye” host Carson Kressley teamed up with Douglas to give a 56-year-old single mother a “jaw-dropping” makeover.

During the show’s most recent 2020 and 2021 seasons, the chef has filmed from home with husband Cusimano, the acting cameraman, producer and occasional musical guest, according to the Associated Press. Apart from a few “lofty goals” like “getting serious” when it comes to painting, the cooking star has also been active in her charity work, donating $4 million to a variety of charities, including relief funds for service workers and foodbanks. Like the makeover episode below, it seems that Ray often returns to the theme of giving back.

“The more you earn in life, the more you owe in service and the more you owe to your community," Ray said in her interview with the Associated Press. “It is our absolute responsibility to take care of each other."

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