Queen’s Guard Breaks Formation To Single Out 4-Year-Old Boy On His Birthday

Feb 15, 2020 by apost team

Back in 2017, an English mother, Imogen Scott, wanted her son Marshall to have an extra-special fourth birthday. As he was fascinated by the Queen’s Guard, she took him to Windsor Castle, where a kind guardsman made the lad’s day even more special. 

Little Marshall Scott idolized the soldiers who were known for protecting the Queen. Before going, he dressed up in his own Coldstream Guard’s uniform, complete with a red jacket and tall bearskin hat. He looked so adorable that tourists asked if they could have their pictures taken with him.


At Windsor Castle, the Scotts watched a squad of guardsmen marching to the Guardroom during the “Changing of the Guard” ceremony. The little boy saluted the soldiers as they marched past.

That seemed to be about as close as Marshall was going to get to his heroes – when one of the guards marched back out. He beckoned the child over, and Marshall stood next to him, saluting. The guard then turned to face Marshall and did a quick high-step. He then marched back into the Guardroom.

The Evening Standard later interviewed the guard, who they identified as Lance Corporal Edden. During an interview, he explained why he had broken formation to see the boy.

“Usually I would just take the guardsmen in the guardroom as normal – but my wife and I are expecting a baby boy, and I remembered standing at Edinburgh Castle when I was younger hoping to get a picture with a soldier.”

He was also touched by the boy’s Coldstream Guards uniform and said it made him proud of being a soldier.

What a special thing to happen to little Marshall! It's so lovely when people go beyond their call of duty. Do you have a story like this? Let us know and pass this news on to anyone who might need reminding that special moments happen everywhere.