Queen Elizabeth Rides Her Pony At Windsor During Lockdown In Rare Snapshot

In the Queen’s first public appearance since the coronavirus lockdown in the U.K., photographers captured the 94-year-old horseback riding last week around Home Park, which is adjacent to her Windsor Castle residence.

According to CNN, images of the Queen’s first public appearance came out last Sunday, showcasing Elizabeth II — wearing an olive green jacket, khaki pants and a colorful headscarf — riding a 14-year-old fell pony.

The Royal Family's official Instagram account posted a collection of the Queen’s most recent riding photos along with some from when she was younger. 


Steve Parsons /WPA Pool/Getty Images

“The Queen is pictured riding Fern - a 14 year-old Fell Pony - in Windsor Home Park this weekend,” the post’s caption read. “Her Majesty has enjoyed riding since childhood and is closely involved with the welfare of the horses she owns for breeding, riding and racing.”

The Queen, who recently turned 94 and is the longest-reigning monarch in British history, hasn’t let her old age stop her from enjoying what has been a lifelong hobby. As People reports, the monarch received her first horse, a Shetland pony, when she was just four years old. Moreover, Elizabeth II regularly attends the Windsor Horse Show and horse races like Royal Ascot.

The Queen’s love for animals and horses runs so deep that a journalist, Kenneth Rose, even wrote dedicated a small portion of his book about to it: Who Loses, Who Wins: The Journals of Kenneth Rose, Vol II 1979-2014. And in March 1997, when Prince Charles told Rose an anecdote the head of Wimbledon wondering if the Queen would make an appearance to open a new tennis court, the Prince said that he doubted it.

“I doubt it,” Prince Philip replied, according to People, “unless there are dogs and horses.”

And it turns out that a love for animals — especially horses — runs in the family. For example, the Queen seems to have passed down her equestrian love to Princess Anne who participated in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal for the three-day equestrian event, according to People.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the Queen and Prince Philip have been isolating at Windsor Castle since March 19, according to Express. They’re surrounded by around 20 staff members who work around the clock to make sure that the royals, who are at a great risk of contracting the virus due to their old age, don’t come into contact with coronavirus.

Despite her relative isolation from the public, the Queen has made several appearances from self-isolation at Windsor castle. Beyond her most recent appearance horseback riding, the Queen also delivered a televised speech on the 75th anniversary of VE Day last month along with an earlier speech in April, which was a call for unity in the face of the global health crisis, according to CNN.

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