Queen Elizabeth II & Princess Margaret Were ‘As Different As Chalk And Cheese’ Despite Being Very Close

Sep 18, 2022 by apost team

Before Queen Elizabeth II was given her title, she was referred to as Princess Elizabeth. During their childhood, the queen and her sister Princess Margaret lived together with their parents in London. The place they grew up in was close to Buckingham Palace, and pictures of their former residency show just how absolutely wonderful their home was. 

Elizabeth was born in 1926 to the Duke and Duchess of York. Her father became King Edward VIII which made Elizabeth his heir. Princess Margaret was born a few years later, in 1930. While Feb. 6, 1952, marks the day that Queen Elizabeth, then 26, became the monarch of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, it also has a sad meaning — it's the day that her father, King George VI, died. For anyone who's watched Netflix's royal drama series "The Crown" they'll be aware that Elizabeth was being primed for her future role as queen even while her father was still alive and he was king. 

During the second world war, the two sisters resided together at Windsor Castle. During this time, Princess Margaret was deemed too young to perform royal duties, so she continued her education while her older sister began to follow in the footsteps of their father. Although the sisters lived in the same area, the two's relationship was a constant ebb and flow. Queen Elizabeth II was performing royal duties as queen, while Princess Margaret was often showcased as a royal socialite. Sources share that the sister's relationship was often scarred due to the fact that Elizabeth was queen and Margaret was not. However, despite their differences, the two never parted ways. 

Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret (1936), (Lisa Sheridan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

As a young princess, Her Majesty enjoyed reading as she was taught how to read at an early age by her mother and was inspired by the many books the family kept in the morning room, as per the InterContinental London Park Lane. After Margaret had been born, both she and the queen shared the night nursery until her older sister was old enough to be given her own large bedroom, as per the InterContinental London Park Lane. 

The two sisters were not only close in age but also close in their relationship as they grew up together. According to The Cut and Margaret's biographer, Christopher Warwick, Queen Elizabeth II always looked out for Princess Margaret

"The queen, even when they were girls, always kept an eye on her sister because Margaret could be wayward… In terms of personalities, Elizabeth and Margaret were as different as chalk and cheese. But despite that, there was never any break in the bond between them. There was great love between them," he said. 

Despite growing up nearly the same, the two sisters turned out extremely different. Yet, their differences did not tear them apart. With Elizabeth as the heir and then queen, Margaret took a path of her own. "There are things that we do that you don't expect royalty to do, and doing this was pretty cool and trendy and shocking at the same time, but she was perceived as being a very glamorous trendsetter. In many ways she was," Warwick shared. Despite their differences, there was always a close bond. "There was great love between them. And from the queen's point of view, there was a lot of sympathy for what went on in Margaret's life," he added. 


Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret (1940), (Bettman/Contributor/Getty Images)

According to ABC.Net, Princess Margaret knew that her role fell short of her sisters. "When there are two sisters, and one is the Queen, who must be the source of all honour and all that is good, the other must be the focus of the most creative malice, the evil sister," she said.  

Princess Margaret shared that while her sister had to act a certain way, she enjoyed not having that burden. "Disobedience is my joy," she shared. 

In his book "Elizabeth and Margaret: The Intimate World of the Windsor Sisters," Biographer Andrew Morton wrote, "Margaret was her sister's alter ego." He went on to say, "Throughout their lives, Elizabeth and Margaret butted heads — the sensible, older sister matched with the mischievous, wilful little sister," he also wrote. 

Margaret also noted that despite how different they were from one another, she looked up to her older sister. Andrew Duncan, who wrote "The Reality of the Monarchy," shared that Margaret said, "My sister has an aura. I'm enormously impressed when she walks into a room. It's kind of magic. In my own humble way, I've always tried to take some of the burden off my sister. She can't do it all.." 

Princess Margaret passed away on Feb. 9, 2002, which caused the queen major heartbreak. Queen Elizabeth II was often known for showing hardly any emotion, but at her sister's funeral, she did. According to The Independent, Reinaldo Herrera wrote, "I think it was the only time anyone ever saw the Queen show her emotions in public." 

Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret (1946), (Lisa Sheridan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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