Queen Elizabeth Allowed A Peek Inside Her Windsor Castle Residence

It has been customary for decades for the British monarch to hold a weekly 20-minute meeting with the prime minister. It is usually used to keep the monarch up to date on current proceedings. Now, during quarantine times, this meeting had to be held differently. Queen Elizabeth and prime minister Boris Johnson had their weekly talk via the phone this time. Buchkingham Palace shared two pictures of this talk on Instagram and the photos also offer a new view of the Queen's residence.

The photo itself is a very British image. The Queen is shown in the upper half, looking calm and collected while holding the receiver. Boris Johnson is seen in the lower half, taking the call from his work office. The whole arrangement brings to mind the British saying "keep calm and carry on", a calming message in troubling times. However, it is interesting to see just what details could be gleaned about the Queen's Windsor residence.


It is well known that Queen Elizabeth is a passionate corgi fan. The Queen has owned and later bred corgis ever since the early 1930s. They are her favorite breed of dog and one can usually be found somewhere close to her. So it comes as no surprise that corgis also have a prominent place in her decorative taste. Two corgi figurines can be seen right in front of the picture, by the Queen's phone. The phone itself is also interesting: an old, clunky design that looks like it could still be a rotary phone.

istockphoto.com/Vladislav Zolotov

In the background, horses dominate the room. Or, to be more specific, horse racing trophies. Horses have been Queen Elizabeth's second passion for years. Not only has she owned horses for most of her life, she has also bred her own thoroughbred horses for races and raced herself. Three horse racing cups were even named after her! So it's no wonder her horse racing trophies take up a special place of honor on the mantle. 

Max Mumby/Pool/Getty Images

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