Put An Ice Cube On Top Of Your Burger Patty Before You Grill It For The Best Burger Ever

Aug 13, 2018 by apost team

It isn’t that hard to cook a hamburger on the grill. You mix up the hamburger mix, form a patty, and slap it over the heat to cook. However, we all have different tips and tricks for cooking the best BBQ staple of the summer.

Some cooks don’t salt the patties until the very end while others make a thumbprint in the middle of the burger. Every professional chef has some kind of tip for making their burger the best. Most home cooks do, too. We often swear by a certain seasoning or ingredient, or we think we have the best grill for the job.

Not everyone is ready to share their secret with the world, but some are more than willing to pass on their knowledge. Graham Elliot, a former MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, is one of those people.



Elliot is a television personality who owned several restaurants at one point. His very first restaurant, Graham Elliot, actually earned two Michelin stars back in 2014. Millions of people are familiar with his work.

So when he offered up some advice on making the perfect burger, we sat down and listened closely. We wanted to know what he did to make his burgers stand out from the rest.

Elliot does not recommend mixing things like garlic, spices, and onions into your burgers. He says that too many people end up making a burger that is more like a meatball or meatloaf, with onions and peppers. He says just straight meat is the best. You can add your toppings later on to add more flavor to your meal.

His signature trick involves something very simple-ice! This cheap trick helps to keep the larger burgers from drying out when they are on the grill. Ice is all you need to fix this problem.

After you make the patties, set an ice cube in the middle of the meat. As it grills, it keeps it moist, Elliot revealed.

He suggests going all out for toppings since there is nothing extra in the actual burger. His famous Graham Burger” is topped with fresh arugula, grilled red pepper, roasted garlic aioli, and melted brie.

However, he reminds us that when you have grilled the perfect burger, any topping is still going to taste absolutely delicious on it.

Are you ready to try out this ice cube trick? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to pass this on to family and friends who love to grill out!