Purple Dragon Reading Fairy Tales Captivates Attention Of Ten Adorable Golden Retriever Pups

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

The owner of nine golden retriever puppies had just the thing to lull these pups to sleep: a purple, talking, stuffed dinosaur.

As seen in this adorable video uploaded to YouTube this year, the fluffy, purple dino is placed in their puppy pen, and it sways back and forth while beginning to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

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It's mind-blowingly adorable as the litter of pups begins paying attention to the dinosaur's timeless tale. It's understandable, considering it's such an iconic story. Fairy tales have been a surefire way to restless children to relax and fall asleep; they've been passed down through the generations and have captivated young audiences the whole time.

They've even spawned some excellent animated feature films! It's fascinating, but in the end, it's not much of a surprise that these timeless classics can capture even the minds of man's best friend.


Some of the puppies seem to be invested in the strange dinosaur's story, while others can be seen drifting off into the City of Dreams. It compels one to ponder whether or not the small pups actually understand the story being recited to them and if there are other tales these puppies would enjoy listening to.

Either way, it's amazing their owner has the willpower to not sneak into their pen and cuddle up with them for a nice afternoon nap.

It's nice to be reminded of nature's beauty, and the wonderful (and adorable) creatures that humanity gets to share the Earth with. Hopefully, this article has spread some positivity and wholesomeness to your day!

What other fairy tales do you think these puppies would love to hear before nap time? Do you have a dog that loves listening to stories or music? Do you know any other great ways to put a pack of fur-babies to sleep? Let us know and brighten someone's day by passing this lovely video on.

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