Puppy Won't Stop Hugging Man Who Saved Her From Getting Killed

Many dogs are unfortunately slaughtered in Cambodia each year. There, dog meat farms are common, but that does not mean that everyone there accepts dog butchering. Michael Chour is devoted to the goal of saving as many dogs as he can from slaughterhouses. In fact, he has founded The Sound of Animals, which regularly rescues dogs who are about to be butchered.

Michael arrived at a dog meat farm just in time to rescue little Sanie, reports The Dodo.

Sanie was a tiny, 4-month-old puppy who was next in line to be butchered. Michael worked hard to negotiate with the meat farm’s owner for her release. As Sanie’s cage opened, she had her eyes glued on the butcher and looked terrified.


Dogs have a way of knowing who they can trust to protect them from harm, and Sanie did not hesitate to lean in against Michael as soon as he picked her up. She placed her head under his chin, and she refused to let go of him. Even when Michael sought medical attention for Sanie at a local veterinary clinic, Sanie sought the comfort of Michael.

Michael believes that Sanie once had a happy, loving home and was unfortunately stolen away. She may have been sold to the meat farm for cash. While she has had a terrifying time recently, she is now safe and secure in Michael’s care. Michael hopes to help her recover from her ordeal in a loving environment before finding a new permanent home for her.

You can watch the story in the video below:

Sanie’s story is heartbreaking, but she is one of the lucky dogs who has been rescued by a loving individual. Do you know of a special animal that has been touched by similar human compassion? Tell us about your story in the comments below and don't forget to pass this video along to your loved ones.