Puppy Wakes Up After Being Euthanized, Baffled Shelter Gives Him Second Chance At Life

Jan 29, 2019 by apost team

Unfortunately, there are more dogs alive right now than there are owners who are willing to adopt them. As such, many dogs, cats, and other animals that are commonly taken as pets live in shelters for months - if not years - waiting for potential owners to adopt them.

Many of them go unadopted, effectively being forced to live low-quality lives. These long-term residents of shelters are often euthanized by veterinarians. You won't believe what happened to this puppy dog after he was selected for euthanasia.

If you were an animal other than a human, would you rather live in the jail-like confines of animal shelters or not live at all?

Most of us wouldn't choose death, though living in small, confined spaces with little to no contact with humans or other animals would likely change most of our minds. It's for this reason that animals are euthanized.

Rudolph is a puppy that lives at a shelter in Iowa called Kings Harvest Pet Rescue. The young, black dog isn't much older than nine months of age.


Just last week, Rudolph was found as a stray animal. He was taken to Kings Harvest Pet Rescue. Unfortunately for him, the shelter had no open spaces. As such, young Rudolph was selected to be euthanized.

The vet loaded up a high-dose shot of barbiturates to cause a quick, humane death in the puppy. Rudolph went lights-out within seconds of the injection being administered.

The barbiturate-heavy injection didn't end up killing Rudolph. Fortunately, it didn't cause any lasting health problems, either. The veterinarian decided not to have another go at euthanasia.

Within a few hours of the animal shelter posting Rudolph's story, a breeder from Des Moines, Iowa named Jacob Hommer decided to pick up Rudolph.

Hommer breeds dogs that are primarily given to veterans and other people in need of service dogs. Rudolph must be happy to have been adopted and quickly put to work by Hommer. Purpose is now abundant in Rudolph's life, meaning he can now live for something instead of wasting away for nothing.

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