Puppy Reunites With Firefighter Who Rescued Her From Mistreatment

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

In October of 2017, Sacramento Fire Department Engine No. 14 found a hairless, cold, abandoned dog named Chunk on the side of the road. On their drive back to the station, the crew doubled back, rescuing the dog and taking her to the local animal shelter. A few months later, Sacramento firefighter Mike Thawley, who was part of the original team that rescued Chunk, permanently adopted her.

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Chunk—the pup in question—was a pit bull who was found sick and tied up by Fire Station 14 firefighter Mike Thawley, The Sacramento Bee reports. She was out in the rain and all alone when he found her. Not wanting to see the animal succumb to the elements, Mike took it upon himself to save the poor creature.

After he cleaned her, Mike brought her to the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento. There she was given medical attention and was treated for her mange by the staff. After she was checked up she was given a comfy bit of clothing to protect her skin.


The pup was obviously grateful for Mike saving her as she formed a tight bond with him. He had dropped her off at the shelter and then left. She missed him dearly. After all he was the man who had saved her life.

Mike wouldn't be gone long, however. The very next day Mike returned to the shelter and was reunited with the extremely excited young pup. Luckily for us, this reunion between Mike and Chunk was filmed for others to enjoy.

To make things even better it was revealed that Mike had spoken to his family about Chunk, and they went over the possibility of fostering her. According to The Bee, Chunk eventually did find a home with the Thawleys in February of 2017.

Thawley, his wife Carla, and their three daughters first decided to foster Chunk during her rounds of treatment for a noncontagious form of mange, which eventually led to her permanent adoption. “We all just kind of fell in love with her,” Thawley told the paper.

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