Puppy Rescued From A Flooded Car And Police Officer Names Her 'Dorian'

Sep 11, 2019

Sometimes there are glimmers of hope amidst disasters like the recent hurricane, and in this case, it came with some literal bright spots on a scruffy, abandoned puppy. Hurricane Dorian didn't do as much damage to Florida as it did to the Bahamas, but it still managed to cause some heavy rainfall issues along the east coast of the United States. Amidst the bad weather, some Florida deputies encountered a spotted puppy in a flooded car.

The deputies were notified about a flooded car on Sept. 4. When the officers went to investigate the abandoned car, they also found an abandoned puppy. The officers posted some images on Facebook that chronicled the event. The post describes the duties of the officers as they responded to hurricane emergencies and the partially flooded vehicle.


The puppy was found by Deputy Josh Tolliver, and the officers decided to name the puppy Dorian after the hurricane. Although the mutt was wet and frightened, she was in good health. Officers surmise that the speckled puppy had been left in the vehicle on purpose, and it was decided that she should be handed over to Orange County Animal Services.

The images of the officer cradling the abandoned puppy caused a flood of responses on Facebook. Many commenters had questions and advice about the abandoned puppy. Some people suggested that Tolliver should adopt the puppy, and people remarked that the two seemed fit for each other. The deputy has stated that he will adopt Dorian if the owner does not come forward to claim her.

The officers haven't pinned down the exact breed of the odd-looking puppy. They speculate that she could be Catahoula leopard dog or some type of dachshund mix. Given the odd color patterns of the dog, these seem to fit more than any other known breeds. Even with the unusual color pattern, the dog is very small and cute.

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