Puppy Freed From Chain Causes Rescuer To Tear Up With His Thanks And Gratitude

Saving something so precious from misery can result in mixed emotions. It is beautiful yet heartbreaking at the same time. This is what happened in a 2018 video where a puppy that looked like it had suffered enough in the hands of a ruthless owner was finally rescued.

According to the video description, the pup's new owner was taking him away from a terrible situation and finally driving to his forever home.

From the dog’s body language as it sits at the passenger’s seat next to the driver, you can tell it finally knew it is going to be safe. With a grateful face, it buries its face in the owner's palms, who in the video is crying from the innocent dog’s kind gesture.


They both play along with their palms, and the dog stands up to have a better feel of its new compassionate owner. Towards the end of the video, it moves along to the driver’s seat. You can see that this dog is innocent, compassionate and beautiful by taking a look at this video.

For now, we are happy that the dog is safe and has found a loving home and owner to enjoy for the rest of his life. It is even more touching that the dog and its owner seem to like each other instantly. You can feel the love through the entire video. We need more people like the new dog owner; people who are willing to change the world with acts of kindness.

Does this video ignite a spark or cause a tear? Why don’t we get this dog and its new owner the recognition they deserve? Let us know what you think about this cute video in the comments and pass this heartwarming story on to your animal loving friends. Let's spread some love today!