Puppy Found Alive In Rubble One Month After Hurricane Dorian Ravaged The Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian left the Bahamas devastated. Many structures were collapsed, and many lives lost. When rescue teams worked tirelessly to rescue those trapped in debris, one group found a puppy, still alive in the wreckage of a building that had succumbed to the weather.

The rescuers were members of a rescue known as Big Dog Ranch Rescue. They named the tiny survivor "Miracle" after it was found on a Friday in Marsh Harbour. The team utilized infrared detection on a drone, which picked up the dog's location. According to CNN, the spokesman of the organization, Chase Scott, stated that Miracle was crushed in the collapse and was found under broken glass, an air conditioner, and various debris.


The dog is believed to be around one year old, of mixed breed, and had been surviving by consuming rainwater. The appalling conditions left the dog, barely a skeleton, and too weak to walk. It is incredible that even in this critical condition, the dog reacted to his rescuers by greeting them with a wagging tail.

According to Scott, the dog is receiving both emotional and medical support. Despite his emaciated state, they are hopeful for a full recovery. He also states that unless Miracle's owners can learn of his whereabouts and claim him, the dog will be available for adoption, pending his recovery. "We have reunited some families who lost everything with their pets who they thought had died or were separated from them during evacuation, and it gives them new hope," said Scott.

Early in September, Hurricane Dorian swept into the Bahamas, taking with it the lives of dozens of people, with hundreds still missing. Many animals were left abandoned in the countries haste to mass evacuate the hurricane zone. Big Dog Ranch has so far been able to help save the lives of 139 dogs.

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