Puppy Digs Hole In Sand, Gets Upset When The Waves Fill It Up Again

Mar 06, 2019

Aren't visits to the beach heavenly? There's nothing better than spending the day soaking up the sun and listening to the peaceful waves.

There's so much to do! You can swim, boat, and play in the warm sand. As kids, everybody loved building sandcastles and digging holes.

However, dogs are a lot like kids. For example, this dog can't get enough of the beach! His name is Angus, and he's a Golden retriever. You can tell that he worked his tail off trying to dig the perfect hole.


That's when the ocean tide comes in and fills his hole back up with water! You can tell how upset he is. Angus cannot figure out how all that water got in there.

It's hard to not be frustrated for this cute little puppy. But his next hole is sure going to be amazing ... and hopefully not filled with water. 

This puppy can't understand how waves work. After all, he is just a dog. It's still tough to watch him get upset. He tried to make a perfect hole, and now it's gone.

Angus may have put all this hard work in for nothing, but it's hard to not see how adorable he is. Even when he's upset, he's still super cute!

Dogs love playing in the water. But the ocean always seems to have a trick up its sleeve ... still, there's no doubt Angus will be back to playing in no time.

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