Puppy Close To End Of Life Is Taken Home To Pass Peacefully But Stuns Mom And Daughters

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

An American mom and her daughters were volunteering at a shelter with 4,000 dogs in Ankara, Turkey when they decided to bring home a litter of sick and dying pups to let them pass in peace but a miracle happened: Faith, the smallest pup, survived.

Depressing Conditions at the Shelter

According to PAWsitive in 2016, Mary and her three daughters Abby, 17, Anna, 15, and Alaina, 11, started volunteering at a shelter with about 4000 dogs soon after they arrived in Ankara, Turkey. In Turkey, it is common to find overcrowded shelters, mostly because they are underfunded and overwhelmed. Thus, it becomes challenging to give the dogs their basic needs or some tender love and care.

There are endless rows with at least 20 dogs sharing a cage in the shelter. The mom and her girls could not hold their tears when they looked at deplorable living conditions the dogs had to endure. They started donating food to the shelter, but it was still far from enough. Understanding that there was not much more that they could do, they decided to make their home a hospice for dogs that were suffering from distemper.


Home Turned into Hospice

That is when they took Faith and three other dying puppies home to give them a decent and peaceful place. Mary and her girls could not stand to watch these other dogs die and get trampled over like the many others that they'd found dead and lying around in the shelter. The daughters picked a few puppies and went ahead to make their home a cozy, safe, and calm place for them to spend their final days.

These puppies had been suffering from a deadly disease called distemper, which has no cure and causes coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea; most pups that get it don't mature to adulthood. Its final stages affect the spinal cord and brain, causing loss of coordination, breathing difficulties, and seizures.

Faith Survives

Soon after they had brought the litter of pups home, all died except one lucky one called Faith. It was a miracle she survived, considering she was the smallest and always hid in a corner; she had quite a temper. Faith shocked the family when she started gaining weight and building up some strength. Although she could hardly stand or walk in the beginning, one thing for sure was that this pup had a strong will and fought to beat all the odds.

The family kept taking care of the dog until she was old enough to be adopted, and she made a full recovery. However, she has had to live with the long term effects of the disease. She has emotional issues; she is always afraid that she may miss her next meal, and she has no teeth due to malnutrition. Nevertheless, she has a loving and caring family who love her immeasurably. The family helped over 50 other shelter dogs in Ankara. They took Faith and a few other pups back to America. Faith is now a healthy, happy, and spoilt pup who loves to run around in the snow.


Thanks to this fantastic family, Faith got to see many other days despite her future being bleak in the beginning. In this story, humanity is the saving grace. Be sure to spread this warmth to others.