Pup Was Chained Up His Entire Life, Gets Second Chance At Happiness

Can you imagine being chained to your bed and never seeing the outside world? Would you like to be imprisoned in a space smaller than your closet, trapped inside in darkness away from the sunlight and fresh air?

Did you know that some dogs spend their whole lives chained in kennels? They never get to run or experience life like other dogs. They don't get to play and have fun. Their whole lives are wrapped in darkness. Biscuit was one of those unfortunate dogs, before he was freed.

Dogs are just like people. They're social animals, and they love to run and play. They become sad and depressed when they're trapped in cages and unable to live a full life. Look at this sweet Siberian husky named Biscuit.

He and his friends were imprisoned in Kentucky kennels, chained up and unable to move. Biscuit had never seen a field before. He'd never run and enjoyed the fresh air or chased his tail in a circle.


This is the first time that Biscuit's seen a field in his whole life. Look at the beautiful moment when he realizes that he's free, and there's a whole world in front of him.

Experience his excitement as he sees the six green acres before him, welcoming him to a new life of play and pleasure.

Look at this dog's happiness and think about how easy it is to take life and freedom for granted! Relive the moment in which a cute dog raised in darkness finally feels the light of day and the warmth of the sun on his whiskers!

Check out the full video right here:

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