Pug Gets Jealous As Owner Watches Clips Of Other Dogs

Aug 09, 2020 by apost team

Pickles the Pug gets jealous when her owner is caught watching a video of another dog. As seen in this video posted on July 1st, 2020, it may be the case that dogs are loyal to their humans, but maybe humans aren't always loyal to their dogs.

Meet Pickles. She's a Pug, and this Pug is currently questioning her owner's loyalty. Earlier last month, Pickles' owner decided that it would be a good idea to prank Pickles by watching videos of other dogs. And not just other dogs, but other Pugs (gasp!).

Pickles doesn't joke around when it comes to the possibility of being 'cheated on'. To her, it's a serious matter.


Pickles' head turns at the first sound of another pooch from his owner's phone. Her owner, to add insult to injury, flips his phone so that Pickles' gets the full view of his crime. Pickles throws herself on top of the perp and tries to get him to shut the video off. It doesn't work.

The human bullies Pickles some more by moving his phone away every time she gets near it. Pickles is seen closing on to the screen a few times to see if she recognizes the side-chick while still trying to turn off the monstrosity.

After a few more attempts, Pickles manages to switch off the video, a feat that has amazed several netizens on the interweb. "Good riddance," Pickles (probably) thought.

Pickles' owner was visibly amused by the entire ordeal, but can we blame him? You have to admit, it is a little sweet when someone gets jealous for you.

Though, we cannot justify this man hurting Pickles' feelings. Someone needs to send this man to Pug-atory — STAT.

Does your dog get jealous when you watch other dogs or interact with them? Tell us how they react in the comments and be sure to pass this along to your friends and family.