'Proud Dad Moment': Sons Stop Car In Order To Shovel Snow For Man In Wheelchair

Jun 09, 2021 by apost team

If you have ever lived in an area where the winters are cold, you know that hand-shoveling snow is not an enjoyable task. This task will require you to work outside for hours in the cold and in various types of precipitation. You might mumble a few unrepeatable words while shoveling away, too.

You will need the strength of Hercules, a heavy winter coat and a body with endurance to move what could be hundreds of pounds of snow with a small metal shovel. Now try to imagine what this job would be like for elderly and disabled individuals.

This unfortunate scene was witnessed by Daniel Medina and his two young sons, Daniel Jr. and Dominic, on a particularly cold evening in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, back in 2016. The father and his sons were on their way home when Daniel drove past a man who, despite being bound to a wheelchair, shoveled the snow that covered his property.

The boys, ages 6 and 10 at the time, immediately told their father to stop the car once they noticed the man. Daniel pulled over but was not quite sure of his sons' intent.

Daniel shared what happened next on the internet for the enjoyment of us all.

Once the car came to a stop, the boys jumped out. The boys spoke briefly with the man and then began to shovel the sidewalk and driveway for him. The man would not have to struggle through the snow alone on this day.

Never had Daniel been more proud of his boys. He knew how rare it was to see two people of any age willing to brave such weather conditions for the benefit of another person.

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The boys were already cold, tired and sleepy when they spotted the struggling man on the cold winter night. However, their moral compass would not let them pass him by.

"I didn't even see the guy because I was concentrating on driving in the snow," the boys’ father told TODAY. "My oldest, Daniel, said, 'Pull over, let's go help him.' So I said, 'OK, let's go.' We pulled up next to him, and Daniel asked if he had any extra shovels."

Their actions are a lesson to us all and provide us all with the hope that the world just might be in good hands with this young generation.

“(The man) was grateful,” the proud father said of the man he and his two boys helped. “He kept telling us thanks and kind of supervised us, made sure we dug out the bus stop in the corner, and also his car because he had a doctor’s appointment the next day.”

Medina later described the experience on Facebook as a “proud dad moment," according to TODAY.

In his interview with TODAY, the father added that Daniel Jr. and Dominics’ mother, who lives in New Mexico, also uses a wheelchair, and so the two boys were quick to want to help the Milwaukee man they witnessed while driving by.

While it is difficult to shovel snow while in a wheelchair, it isn’t impossible as one Calgary man, Martin Purvis, proved in the winter of 2018. Purvis, who uses a wheelchair, attached an automatic snowblower to his wheelchair to clear snow in front of his house. Purvis even cleaned his neighbors’ sidewalks using his modified snowblower, which just goes to show that whether it’s a couple of good samaritans like Medina and his kids or a bit of ingenuity, a wheelchair isn’t a barrier to clearing the winter snow.


What do you think of Daniel Medin and his sons? Could you imagine clearing the snow in front of your house while in a wheelchair? Let us know — and pass this heartwarming story on to friends and family members.

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