Proud Dachshund Takes Adorable Maternity Pictures With Her Six Puppies

Sep 16, 2019 by apost team

Monica Sanchez is a mom from McAllen, Texas. Her family owns a couple of dachshunds and one of them recently gave birth to puppies, which led to the cutest family photos the internet has ever seen.

Sanchez never had a puppy or even a dog of her own growing up. She wanted to document every moment so her family would never forget a second of it.

“I didn’t have dogs or puppies growing up,” Monica told TODAY. “And I wanted my son to see that. I’m just real crazy about capturing moments.

That’s why she contacted a professional photographer to take pictures of the happy family. Belinda Schenk, who specialized in baby photoshoots, was happy to oblige, but she hadn’t been expecting her newest clients to be so furry!

“In my mind, since I specialize in maternity and newborns, I’m thinking, ‘OK, another regular maternity session,'” Belinda said. “But at the end she said, ‘It’s actually for my dogs,’ and I wanted to laugh, because I was shocked!”

The photos of the newborn babies turned out as adorable as can be. They show the pups snuggled up into a cozy white blanket, each with a different color beanie to keep them warm. The tiny hats were even hand knit by one of Monica’s friends!

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