Protective Mother Hen Sacrifices Herself To Become An Umbrella For Her Babies During Heavy Storm

Many animals act just like humans when it comes to their babies. The mother hen in this story is no exception when she and her chicks got caught in a storm.

A mother hen generally fusses over her infant chicks, making sure they are well-fed and protecting them from strangers. This is where the term “mother hen” came from, to describe human mothers who fuss over their kids.

We now have footage from India that shows the extent that a mother hen will go for her chicks. She will put their welfare before her own time and time again.

Check out the heartwarming video below:

This beautiful video shows a group of small chicks huddled up close to their mother. The mother has spread her wings out over them; becoming a “living umbrella” for her babies as the rains pour down over them.

She doesn’t pay attention to the rain that is soaking into her feathers. Her main goal is to keep her babies as dry and warm as possible.

The video was shot at a fish market in India. Everyone who views the video has been touched by how devoted the hen is. They love her parenting skills and the fact that she is smart enough to be so resourceful.

We hope that the chicks understand the sacrifices the mother is making for them!

Hens will have an actual physical reaction when they realize their chicks are feeling upset or distressed, according to LiveScience. This suggests that they can actually empathize with what they are feeling.

Research has shown that hens that are separated from their babies- but who can still hear, smell and see them- will pay more attention to their surroundings when a small puff of air is directed towards them.

However, a mother hen will have a more intense reaction if that puff of air is directed towards her chicks. The reaction is the equivalent of our own “fight or flight” response.

The heart rate of the hens will increase and their temperature will change. This happens even when the chicks do not act distressed.

Mother hens will also call out to the baby chicks, known as a “maternal vocalization” call. This signals the babies to come to her. The babies will also remember this call in the future.

We hope the rain quickly stopped and these adorable chicks warmed up! Hopefully they even appreciate how wonderful their loving mother really is.

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