Proof Of Loyalty: Dog Refuses To Leave His Owner's Side After He Gets Injured

There’s a reason that many people believe dogs are a man’s best friend. The amount of joy and fulfillment that these animals add to our lives is unmeasurable. People who own dogs know just how wonderful these animals are, and they make great companions because they can be trained so easily to do just about anything we ask of them.

However, there are many other reasons that dogs make amazing companions. For one, they are undoubtedly more loyal than any other animal kept as pets. A dog will help you, guard you, and stay loyal to you until the end of time. It’s not often that you’ll see a dog owner without his four-legged friend by his side.

One owner knows all about the companionship of dogs after he suffered an injury in front of his beloved pet.

The special dog’s name is Tony, and Tony has proved that he really has what it takes to be a man’s best friend. Jesus Heuche, Tony’s owner, was working on landscaping in the yard when tragedy struck. The duo lives in Argentina, and after pruning a tree, Jesus accidentally fell six feet onto the hard concrete floor.

Sadly, Jesus hit his head during the fall and temporarily lost his consciousness. Thankfully, witnesses were nearby and were able to call for assistance. Although Jesus clearly needed the help of the paramedics that arrived, someone else was there to make sure he got taken care of: none other than his loyal dog, Tony, himself!

While the paramedics were trying to revive Jesus, Tony never left his side. He laid next to him in an attempt to comfort his loving owner and even laid his little head on top of Jesus. Clearly, the dog was worried about his human and wanted to protect him from further danger in any way that he could.

Thankfully, Jesus was able to regain consciousness and even gave Tony a few head scratches before being taken away in an ambulance. But naturally, the dog tried to follow him into the vehicle! Jesus eventually made a full recovery before he disclosed that Tony was originally a stray he had taken in. He treats the dog like his child, and it’s clear that Tony is grateful and loving in return. 

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