Probation Officer's Jaw Drops As Her Boyfriend Enters Court Room In Handcuffs

Oct 17, 2020 by apost team

Imagine that you are a probation officer. Now, imagine how you would feel if your boyfriend showed up to your workplace in handcuffs. Tiffany Allison does not have to imagine how this would feel because this is exactly what happened to her back in August of 2018 at the Hernando Municipal Court in Mississipi.

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Tiffany Allison worked as a probation officer within Mississippi's Desoto County, as the below video's description explains. It probably seemed like an entirely normal day at work. She arrived at the Hernando Municipal Court and most likely thought that everything was completely normal. Then the judge called up a defendant that she knew a little too well. 

As you can see in the video, Tiffany could not believe what she was seeing. The defendant was Brett Stidham. He was her boyfriend. Brett was flanked by police officers as he entered the courtroom. He was wearing a prison jumpsuit and handcuffs.

Tiffany was completely shocked.

Brett did not make eye contact with his girlfriend as he approached the defendant's table.

Brett told the judge that there was no need to have a trial. He was guilty of the crime. Tiffany could barely breathe, and she started to tremble from nervousness. Then, Brett finished his statement. According to Brett, he was guilty of being madly in love with his best friend and the girl of his dreams.

Now, Tiffany's horror turned to surprise. The judge called Tiffany up to share her side of the story. As you can tell in the video, Tiffany was still confused. She did not understand why her boyfriend was in handcuffs, so she did not see the humor in the situation.

Tiffany walked up to her boyfriend. To her surprise, he started to say his marriage proposal. He told her that his heart was captivated by her. In the trial of life, Brett only wanted to be with her. Then, he said, “I'm ready for the life sentence, baby.” Tiffany laughed through her tears. She expected a normal day at work, but it now appears that she is signing up for a life sentence as well.

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