Private Investigator Tells 4 Obvious Signals That Your Husband Is Cheating On You

David King is an experienced private investigator working as the managing director for Lipstick Investigations. Mr. King recently sat down to discuss the most probable signs that a husband is seeing someone else.

King explains that women that seek the services of private investigators for fear their husbands are cheating have their fears confirmed 80 percent of the time. This high rate of accuracy is due to the women being able to spot details there husbands disregard.

1. New Security Measures

When a man suddenly changes or sets for the first time passwords on his phone or other devices there is cause for concern. You should understand, however, that if you routinely go through his phone or other things he may just be searching for a little privacy.

However, if your relationship has previously been filled with trust, new passwords are a sign there is something to hide.

2. Appearance Upgrades

A sudden increase in appearance and grooming behavior is a dead giveaway. This shift in behavior can show itself with a new haircut, different cologne, or new clothes. The one constant is he will be much more attentive to his appearance than in the past.

If this change in behavior is coupled with less time spent with you, it is highly likely your husband is seeing someone else.

3. Separate Social Lives

The final sign is he no longer want you to accompany him when he leaves the house. If you are in a relationship that was once filled with dinner dates, outings with friends, and trips out of town but now he wants to do most things alone, it is a clear sign that someone else is the object of his attention.

4. Unnecessary Aggression

Aggressive behavior is another trait of a cheater. When every question you ask is met with anger or every simple misunderstanding is cause for great conflict, there is likely a problem. Also, pay attention to a man that leaves the room each time his phone rings or needs to leave 'for air' following each argument he starts.

It is likely that the man starting these types of conflict is acting out of guilt and his own need to alleviate that guilt.

A Word Of Caution

Anyone of these warning signs alone is not a fool-proof indicator of an unfaithful man. However, if two or more of these signs happen in unison, you should not ignore their presence.

Your Thoughts

Do you agree with Mr. King that these signs indicate trouble? Have you ever seen these behavior changes in a man? Do you have other signs that should be added to the list? Send this list to women you care about. It may be just the information they need to save themselves from a bad situation.