Princess Diana’s Style Hacks Continue To Have Value Today

Apr 30, 2021 by apost team

With her signature coiffed hair, appreciation of bright patterns, admiration for creative necklaces and ability to make any dress look classy, everyone can admit that Princess Diana was a fashion icon. Many publications, such as Harper's BazaarVanity FairElle and similar magazines covered the People's Princess often daring fashion choices in detail while she was still alive. And even decades later, she is still regarded as one of the big fashion icons and style legends of the 20th century. Diana's simple yet elegant style has inspired countless people. Other prominent, younger members of the royal family are still regularly compared to her, such as Duchess Kate Middleton, Lady Louise Windsor or even her own niece Kitty Spencer.

So by revisiting her impeccable fits from the 1980s and '90s, we might all learn a thing or two from the late princess.

In the following, we'll outline six of Princess Diana's more daring, clever, and slightly unconventional style tricks that remain in the minds of people even today. Read on to be inspired and maybe find a fashion statement for yourself.

Wear A Necklace Backwards

Princess Diana (1985), (Anwar Hussein/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

While it might seem avant-garde — or even a bit too over-the-top — Princess Diana has shown that wearing a necklace backward, provided it's long and pearly, doesn’t have to look like a mistake. Tied into what looks like a mini knot, Princess Diana transformed her long pearl necklace, making it almost seem like it was meant to be worn that way.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Loud Patterns

Princess Diana (1984), (Julian Parker / UK Press / Getty Images)

Some of us are allergic to loud patterns — and it shows. Even as the sun comes out and the seasons finally change, many of us are afraid to put on a polka dot blouse or a striped dress. But we shouldn’t be. As Princess Diana so gracefully demonstrated, bold patterns do not have to look ridiculous. If you wear them with confidence, poise, and know how to accessorize with a cute hat, matching shoes, and appropriate makeup, loud patterns will make you stand out among the summer crowd. 

Upgrade With Colorful Eyeliner

Princess Diana (1985), (Tim Graham / Tim Graham Photo Library / Getty Images)

To make your eyes pop and to match them with all the colorful, bold outfits you’re about to put together after reading this article, opt for a matching bright-colored eyeliner. Princess Diana was an expert at this, often wearing blue eyeliner to match an elegant dress of the same color.

Double Up On Watches

Princess Diana (1983), (Tim Graham / Tim Graham Photo Library / Getty Images)

While attending then-fiance Prince Charles’ polo match in the summer of 1981, Princess Diana made another unusual if not innovative fashion statement by wearing two watches. But according to Glamour, Diana’s bold move to double up on timepieces has a romantic story behind it. During Charles’ match, she wore his watch as a tribute to him and to wish the prince luck in the match. But just because you aren’t married to a prince doesn’t mean you can’t do something similar. If someone happens to ask why, you’ll have a good story to tell. Just say that it's your prince’s watch and he’s playing polo.

Up Your Stocking Game

Princess Diana (1985), (Anwar Hussein / WireImage / Getty Images)

While stockings may not be en vogue for the young generation, Princess Diana shows that they don’t have to be associated with stuffy old ladies. Part of the key to Diana’s success in making color stockings timelessly chic is that the princess would often wear colored stockings to match her dresses. Again, you may see a pattern here. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous — go with a little color, a little whimsy, even if it seems like it might be out of your comfort zone. Just make sure your colors don’t clash.

Get Revenge With A Killer Sense Of Style

Princess Diana (1994), (Princess Diana Archive/Stringer/Hulton Royals Collection/Getty Images)

After Prince Charles had confessed to having an affair in a 1994 interview, Princess Diana reportedly wore an elegant, off-the-shoulder black dress and tights paired with a tasteful albeit heavy necklace to a Vanity Fair party, according to Reader’s Digest. Suffice it to say that Princess Diana looked simply amazing — and not as if she just learned that her husband had cheated on her. Fittingly, this memorable 1990s fit earned the name of “the revenge dress” given the context and Diana’s decision to pull out all the stops. In other words, next time you’ve been wrong by your significant other, you may be able to send a subtle signal just by upping your style game. And remember, don’t forget a dazzling necklace.

Princess Diana (1983), (Tim Graham / Tim Graham Photo Library / Getty Images)

What do you think of these Princess Diana style tips? Let us know and don't forget to pass this on to your style-conscious friends and family members.

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