Princess Diana’s Former Bodyguard Says Meghan And Harry ‘Must’ Remain Under Royal Security

As the Sussexes split from the Royal family continues to make headlines, the question of their security remains open and speculated upon by many parties in both the UK and Canada. 

Ken Wharfe, a former bodyguard for Princess Diana, has come forward to say Meghan and Harry will not be adequatly protected by private security and “must stick with Scotland Yard.”

Toby Melville /WPA Pool/Getty Images

Writing for the Daily Mail, Ken Wharfe acknowledges the complex questions that arise with the Sussexes move to North America. 

“Should they fund their own protection from the private sector? This would be logical,” he writes. “But it would also be highly dangerous, as private bodyguards can never offer them the level of protection they will need.”

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The former bodyguard cautioned that without Scotland Yard’s protection, they will lack the necessary security for individuals of their high-profile status. This was also the case when Princess Diana left the Royal family. 

“This was illustrated all too well by the tragedy of Princess Diana, who was not under the protection of Scotland Yard when she died,” he cautioned. “The inexperience and ineptitude of the private bodyguards supplied by Mohamed Al-Fayed, in my view, played a part in her death.”

Wharfe explained that private security lacks intelligence as well as the special training necessary to protect members of the Royal family and Governmental officials. 

“State security services, such as the FBI, will share intelligence with the UK police and security agencies, but not with private security firms,” he explains. 

He also added that state-appointed security is authorized to carry firearms, but the same cannot be said about private security. These reasons,

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