Princess Diana's Aunt, Lady Anne Wake-Walker, Has Passed Away At 99-Years-Old

It's a sad time for the royal family as Lady Anne Wake-Walker, Princess Diana's aunt has died Sunday night at the age of 99.

Diana's younger brother, Charles Spencer, shared the news on his Instagram, along with a 1925 photograph of Anne playing with Charles' father at Althorp House, the residence of the Spencer family. He mentioned that she was 99 1/2 years old and described her passing as "The end of an era."

He also wrote that the brave Lady Anne was an officer in the Second World War in the WRENS, which was a nickname for the Women's Royal Naval Service. Earl Spencer also sent a tweet out, later on, to say that the flag at Althorp House is flying at half-mast.

Hulton Archive / Stringer/Hulton Royals Collection/Getty Images

Pictured in another historical photograph from the 1969 Golden Wedding celebration of the 7th Earl and Countess of Spencer are Lady Anne (second from the left), Lady Diana, and Charles Spencer.

Lady Anne's husband Christopher Wake-Walker is also in the photograph, whom she married in 1944, according to The Daily Mail. They had five children together, and later in life Christopher was diagnosed with Parkinson's. At that time, Diana wrote her aunt a letter to help uncle Christopher, as she worked for the Parkinson's Disease Society.

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The Daily Mail reports that Princess Diana and her brother would visit Lady Anne when they were children. They also note that when Diana died in 1997, she was remembered by her aunt as a "sweet, thoughtful and very kind girl."

Rest in peace to Lady Anne Wake-Walker, who lived a long life dying at age 99. Please send your thoughts to the royal family at this time.