Princess Diana Once Dated a Politician Who Promised To Make Her First Lady Of The United States

According to her former butler Paul Burrell, one of Princess Diana’s suitors was a politician who wanted to make her the first lady of the United States, an idea she was reportedly attracted to.

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Burrell was Princess Diana’s butler who released a tell-all memoir “The Way We Were” in 2006. In it he described stories of being a shoulder to cry on during the princess’ divorce from Prince Charles as well as a go-between for her new relationships.

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In a particularly incredible anecdote from the book, he describes an American politician who wanted to marry Diana. He elaborated about the mystery man when he spoke to the host of Ireland’s Late Late Show Ryan Tubridy. Burell recalls the moment he had to hand-deliver a message to the unnamed politician all the way in New York City.

“It was a politician and he said to Diana: ‘if you marry me Diana, I will make you the First Lady of the United States of America’” he said on the show.

He continued to say that the two of them speculated on the possibility.

“She said to me: ‘Isn’t that exciting? Can you imagine? I’d come on a State visit to Britain and have to be a guest of my mother-in-law! How does that work?'” he said.

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In an exclusive interview with Good Morning America shortly after the book’s release, Burrell also said that she revered the stylish grace of American first ladies.

"She's been a huge fan of Jackie Onassis for years, and a huge admirer, too, of Nancy Reagan and Hillary Clinton. But Jackie Onassis had the edge. And she fantasized about redecorating the White House," Burrell said to GMA. "It wasn't a fantasy. It could have been a reality. It really could. They would have been a golden couple."

Do you think Princess Diana would have been a good First Lady? Let us know what you think, and who the mystery politician could have been as well.