Princess Charlotte’s Resemblance To Both Princess Diana And Queen Elizabeth Is Uncanny

Turning four in May this year, Princess Charlotte is proving to be the cheekiest member of the Royal family. Besides her fiery personality, Charlotte also bears a striking resemblance to that of Princess Diana and the Queen when they were toddlers. 

As Charlotte continues to get older, fans can’t help but notice the similarities she has with her late grandmother and great grandmother. From Charlotte's little smirks that reflect that of Princess Diana’s famous snicker to her serious eyes that resemble Queen Elizabeth’s pensive face.

Similarly to the Queen, Princess Charlotte also attends royal outings. The Royal Family's website marked Charlotte's first overseas tour with her parents as she accompanied them to Canada in 2016. During the visit, Charlotte played with children from Canadian military families.

A fan account on Instagram posted side by side photos of Princess Charlotte and her grandmother Princess Diana showing the uncanny resemblance. 

“Omg double of her nana....what a great young lady she will turn out to be with looks as beautiful as her angel nana,” commented one user. 

Although Princess Charlotte is surely taking wonderful qualities from both of the royals she still has a little bit of her own unique spirit. This summer, the little Princess was spotted sticking her tongue out at the crowd at the The King's Cup regatta.

According to Harper's Bazaar, Charlotte also caused quite the stir when she barred photographers from attending her little brother Prince Louis’ Christening.

 The little Princess reportedly said, “you’re not coming!”

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