Princess Catherine Received Praise For Making Family ‘Feel Safe’ Years After William's Parents Were Sceptical Of Her

Sep 21, 2022 by apost team

Kate Middleton has been dubbed a peacemaker in the royal family ever since Prince Philip's funeral. On Friday, Apr. 9, 2021, the Duke of Edinburgh passed away at the age of 99 years old. Philip's funeral on Apr. 17, 2021, was a quiet affair, with only 30 people in attendance due to the coronavirus restrictions. Generally, a man of Philips's stature would have received a state funeral with a minimum of 800 people in attendance, but this could not happen due to the ongoing pandemic. The guestlist of 30 people only comprised of the closest royal family members, which naturally included Prince William and Prince Harry.

The brothers have faced challenges in their relationship for the last year, and the whole world had its eyes on the brothers' interaction at the funeral. However, Prince William's wife — Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales — has been seen by many as a peacekeeper between the two brothers. Her role as such was definitely played out at the funeral on Saturday, but it wasn't just her mediating between the two brothers that stood out; it was the strength that she showed everyone.

Kate Middleton's poise and class stood out to the royal family and viewers as she was captured looking incredibly strong in photos.

Now, royal experts are saying that Kate Middleton was pivotal in Prince William and Harry talking again on civil terms, dubbing her a peacemaker during the brother's rift. Read on to learn more about how royal experts are calling Kate Middleton the jewel in the monarchy's crown. 

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip (2016), (Arthur Edwards/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

While Kate has continued to be praised for her effortless grace and elegance, she wasn’t always commended by the press. According to Fox News, many outlets pointed out her middle-class upbringing when she and William first began dating. Her dad is a former British Airways officer, while her mom is a former flight attendant.

However, Kate has proven time and again that she is the perfect fit for William, despite critics calling her “Waity Katie” over the years. Royal expert Tom Quinn spoke with Fox News in 2020 about this. “Kate has been a perfect (companion) because she’s so calm and stable – and that’s what he needs,” Quinn said. He added that the royal family “feels safe” because of Kate’s presence.

Quinn also spoke about how “warm” Kate is as a person. “Everyone that I have spoken to confirms that Kate is a very warm, but also a very calm and a very kind person,” he said. “... I think she’s very strong, but she’s very conscious, very kind to the people who work for her.” He added, “Rather than command people to do things, she asks them to do things.”

And as the monarchy has shifted following Queen Elizabeth II’s passing and King Charles III’s ascension to the throne, Kate has been given the title of Princess of Wales. However, the pressure of the palace is nothing new to her, as she has learned how to overcome most obstacles thrown her way. A source explained, “Catherine is the sort of woman who will take on whatever she needs to. If she needs to step up to the plate, she does it – and she always has.”

Prince Harry, Catherine, Prince William (2015), (Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Philip's funeral marked the first time Harry was back on English soil after stepping down from the duties of a senior royal back in 2020, Metro reported. His wife, Meghan Markle, could not join him, as the couple is expecting their second child soon. Due to Markle being heavily pregnant, she has been advised by doctors not to fly during this time. It is understood, however, that she had made every effort to join her husband until her doctors did not give her clearance, as per the news outlet. 

The BBC reported that the Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales were seen talking together after they left their grandfather's funeral. During the procession from Windsor Castle to St. George's Chapel, the princes walked with their cousin Peter Phillips between them. After the service, the brothers were deep in conversation and later were joined by Harry's sister-in-law Kate Middleton. 

The Sun reported that William has previously called his wife a "peacemaker" in the family, and that may have helped to thaw the cold relationship between Harry and his brother. Kate may truly be a subtle but powerful peacemaker for the brothers. Not only did Kate wear a pearl necklace that served as a gesture to the queen and the late Princess Diana, but she also paired her classy look with a classy attitude. In photos, Kate Middleton was seen with a strong and dignified look. Many say she served as a beacon of light during the funeral for both the Royal Family and fans worldwide. 

Catherine (2021), (Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

According to royal expert Camilla Tominey, Kate should be praised for "how regal an operator she is," as Tominey wrote for The Telegraph. Tominey also wrote:

"Her skilful handling of royal crises in recent months suggests that she is fast emerging as the jewel in the monarchy's crown."

According to International Business Times, royal biographer Christopher Wilson said of Kate:

"What Kate has managed to achieve — and I think in a better way than Princess Diana did — is to combine magic with retaining a sense of the ordinary."

Royal expert Katie Nicholl also weighed in on the topic, as she recalled the funeral and told ET:

"I certainly think she played quite an important role in getting the brothers to the point where they were able to engage in a conversation, of course, in front of the world's press...The focus of the day was absolutely rightly on the Duke of Edinburgh, this was about bidding him a fitting farewell and no one wanted there to be too much attention on William and Harry and this feud — but inevitably the world was watching."

Nicholl emphasized the feeling that viewers got as they saw Kate between William and Harry as they left the chapel and just how poised she was throughout the day. Nicholl said:

"I saw Harry visibly relax when the Duchess of Cambridge started speaking with him. There had been so much speculation on whether this funeral procession was going to be what finally solved the feisty relationships between the brothers, and I think they do think that everyone hopes that this is a good start towards some sort of reconciliation."

Prince William, Catherine (2021), (Jane Barlow - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

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