Princess Beatrice's Stepson's Kensington House Could Rival A Royal Residence

Jul 20, 2021 by apost team

While Princess Beatrice is a notable member of the British royal family, it’s her stepson’s home that truly looks like a royal residence. Beatrice married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in July 2020 after getting engaged back in September 2019. The couple had known each other since their early childhood. Mapelli Mozzi already had a son — Christopher Woolf, born in 2016 — with his ex-fiance Dara Huang. When Beatrice and Mapelli Mozzi got married, she became the first woman in the royal family since Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, to become a stepmother, and she and Mapelli Mozzi are currently expecting their first child together.

With his marriage to Beatrice, a granddaughter to Queen II, Mapelli Mozzi has been able to enjoy being a part of the royal family. Even though they do not stem from royalty, Mapelli Mozzi and Huang have proven to be highly successful and well-off. The former is a property developer and the founder and chief executive of Banda Property, while the latter is an American architect and designer. She is also the founder of Design Haus Liberty and the co-founder of Vivahouse.

Huang has done extremely well for herself and has not been shy about showing off her immaculate creations and living space. She currently resides in Kensington in a home that is both stunningly beautiful and innovative. While Beatrice has enjoyed some quality time with her stepson and bonding over their shared love of reading, Huang has shown off her personal flair with her home bookshelves and collection, as well as some impressive homemade designs.

Quality Time At Home

Princess Beatrice, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (2019), (Luc Castel/Getty Images)

In March 2021, People reported that Beatrice and her stepson Christopher typically spent their quality time together reading, something they began doing in 2020 after Beatrice officially became the young boy’s stepmother. “This year, I had the great honor to become a stepmother, and have had the most remarkable time going back over some of my most favorite stories at bedtime,” Beatrice said, as per People. She added, “Helping him to engage with stories is a great journey to inspire imagination, creativity, independence and humor.” 

A source revealed that Beatrice has fully embraced Mapelli Mozzi’s son and that “he is very much part of their life.” The source added, “Beatrice is a wonderful and very hands-on stepmom.” Since both of his parents live in a similar area, Christopher is able to spend time with both of them. Huang may not be a member of the royal family, but her place of residence is a fantastic rival to the typical royal estates. 

Being so skilled as an architect and designer, Huang has given some personal touches to her beautiful home in Kensington, such as a one-way mirror television that she shared pictures of on her Instagram on July 14, 2021. “I made this super cost effective ‘one-way’ TV out of plexiglass and window film screwed into a timber frame,” she wrote in the caption as she described her masterpiece. 

While the focal point is Huang’s innovative TV set-up, the rest of the room is just as fabulous, with two linen cream sofas on either side of the room and a large fireplace accentuated by two cream-colored bookshelves. In the middle of the room sits a transparent coffee table topped with candles and books.

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