Prince William And Kate Middleton Launch Their Own Video Channel

May 06, 2021 by apost team

Prince William and Kate Middleton are two of the most famous figures in the British Royal Family. Beloved by the public and the press, the pair is always seen with smiling faces in public engagements and has proved their prominence as working members of the royal family. With a family of their own consisting of three children, the Cambridge couple always has events and milestones to mark in their public and private lives. Additionally, the prince and Middleton act as prominent public figures in the United Kingdom, where they also contribute philanthropically through their official charity fund — when they aren't taking care of the Cambridge brood or starring in romantic videos, that is.

As of May 2021, these milestones and moments will also be chronicled in their new YouTube channel called simply "The Duke and Duchess of Camebridge." The news about this new social media account was spread via their Instagram account, which also changed names at the same time. Instead of "KensingtonRoyal," the account is now held under the name "DukeanDuchessofCamebridge," mirroring the new YouTube channel.

As the royal couple has readily taken to video messages to their fans and followers over the recent years, this channel only seems to be the logical next step to take. The couple has already proven to have an affinity for the media and it is well-known that Kate likes to dabble in photography, sometimes even being referred to as "the unofficial royal photographer" by the British media.

Read on to see first impressions from the royal couple's first released YouTube video.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton have been using the video format to give their fans a glimpse at their life for some time now. 

On the day of their 10th anniversary, the official Instagram account of the duke and duchess posted a never-before-seen video of William, Middleton, and their children enjoying themselves at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, the duke and duchess' country getaway. The video featured the smiling family as they walked on the beach, roasted marshmallows over a fire, and played in the fields of the idyllic English countryside. All of these intimate family moments were overlayed by relaxing instrumental music. The video was accompanied by a short caption that read:

"Thank you to everyone for the kind messages on our wedding anniversary. We are enormously grateful for the 10 years of support we have received in our lives as a family. W & C"

Just a few days before that, the couple's official Instagram account also shared a video of their sustainable farm tour across Darlington. William and Kate can be seen visiting farm animals, talking to the farmers about their work, and petting sheep. The highlight of the video was definitely the moment when both royals took turns driving a tractor across a field. Despite the size of the heavy working vehicle, both royal reportedly took to the experience very well. According to Hello! Magazine, the farmer who sat beside them during their brief stint behind the wheel only had positive things to say about the couple:

"They were both very good. William mentioned how the GPS technology was used in helicopters so understood how it worked. They both wanted a go and didn't need any persuasion. Once they got used it, it was fine. There was no drama. Both very keen and very knowledgeable."

The newly announced YouTube channel currently only features a 25 seconds long teaser video. The short mix-up of previous footage and new scenes features a mix of different moments in the couples' live. From state visits to different countries, official duties at award ceremonies to charity visits at schools, fundraisers and shops: the teaser incorporates brief glimpses at all the aspects of the senior royals' life.

The start of the video is definitely the most endearing moment. William and Kate, sitting on a sofa with pictures of their children behind them, are looking straight at the camera. William looks over to his wife while he points his finger towards the camera. "You'll have to be careful what you say now, because these guys are filming you," he jokes. Kate lets out a small giggle and declares: "I know!"

The video announcement on Instagram included the caption: "Better late than never - we're now on @YouTube 🎥"

It's true that this move seems almost overdue. Video-based social media like YouTube has been on the rise for over a decade now, but a traditional institution like the British Royal Family is slow to take up new ways of communicating. While an official YouTube channel for the royal family, in general, does exist, the individual members so far do not have their own video outlets with which they can communicate directly. It will be interesting to see what kind of content we can expect from Kate and William's new channel. What we can already say is that it has been planned for a long time already: YouTube states that the channel was first established in October 2020!

What do you think about the new video channel? Are you excited to see what William and Kate will post? Tell us what you think and pass this along to fellow royal fans!

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