Prince Louis' Possible Title When Prince Charles Becomes King

Jul 22, 2021 by apost team

Royal fans and those who follow news of the royal family anticipate a huge incoming change within the royal family. A royal expert has stated that he believes one of Prince Philip's most significant and well-known titles might end up being passed down to his great-grandson, Prince Louis.

Philip's funeral on April 17, 2021, was a quiet affair with only 30 people in attendance due to the coronavirus restrictions. Generally, a man of Philips's stature would have received a state funeral with a minimum of 800 people in attendance, but this could not happen due to the ongoing pandemic. The guestlist of 30 people only comprised of the closest royal family members, which naturally included all of Philip's children and many of his grandchildren.

Philip's passing ended his reign as the longest-serving royal spouse, having served alongside Queen Elizabeth II for 65 years and having been married to the monarch for 73 years in total. His singular and incredible life continues to be remembered and celebrated by his family.

The late Prince Philip was widely known as the Duke of Edinburgh, a title that was first given to a member of the British royal family in 1726. There are currently speculations being made in royal expert circles about who the right candidate to inherit this prestigious title is. One royal expert, Richard Kay, believes the title will go to one of Prince Philip's great-grand-sons, specifically Prince Louis. Kay writes for the Daily Mail and has previously worked on royal documentaries about Princess Diana and the royals holiday destinations.

Prince William, Duchess Catherine, Prince Louis, Prince George, Princess Charlotte (2020), (Comic Relief/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

On first glance, Prince Louis, son of Prince William and his wife Duchess Catherine, is an unlikely candidate for the prestigious title. Louis was born on April 23, 2018 at the same hospital where William was born, London’s St. Mary’s hospital. The prince, who emerged at around 11 a.m., was a healthy 8 pounds, 7 ounces. Beyond being the youngest of the Cambridge bunch, Louis is special in other ways, too. Louis is just fifth in line for the throne, preceded by grandfather Prince Charles, father William and siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Interestingly, Louis was the first male-born heir who would not precede his older sister in royal succession.

William and Middleton have three children in total, including 3-year-old Louis, 5-year-old Charlotte and 7-year-old George.

Louis is an unusal contender for the title of Duke of Edinburgh, as the late Prince Philip notably wanted his youngest son Prince Edward to inherit it, as the Daily Mail reports. In fact, prior to Prince Edwards marriage to his wife, it was officialy stated that the Prince, lacking any royal dukedom or other title, would inherit his father's once Prince Philip had passed.

It should be noted that the Duke or Duchess of Edinburgh does not have holdings or special incomes to their title. Only three people have held it over the years. The title was created in 1726 for then King George I's grandson Prince Frederick. It was a ceremonial title without special privileges and merged back into crown holdings upon King George III's ascent to the throne.

Prince Charles (2018), (Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

The title was re-created in 1866, when Queen Victoria bestowed it upon her son Prince Alfred. When Prince Alfred's only son died of suicide and no other heir existed, the title again ceased to exist. And later, in 1947, it was once again created and given to Prince Philip, the future husband of Queen Elizabeth.

The earlier expectation was that, upon Prince Philip's death, his and the queen's youngest son Prince Edward would pick up the mantle of the Duke of Edinburgh. However, royal experts and sources claim that this might not come to pass. As Kay, the Daily Mail royal expert, explains, Prince Charles is reportedly against his brother inheriting the title. Charles took up the leadership of "The Duke of Edinburgh Award," an award and youth programm founded by the late Prince Philip, meant to help youth across the UK. Charles also gained the title of Duke of Edinburgh and it is his prerogative to confer it to somebody else. And sadly, Charles and Edward do not see eye to eye on royal matters.

A source told the Daily Mail: "The Prince is the Duke of Edinburgh as it stands, and it is up to him what happens to the title. It will not go to Edward." And Kay himself later adds: "Prince Charles, who as Philip's eldest son inherited all his father's titles, has let it be known that he is not keen on the idea at all."

Since Prince Charles is known to have a sweet spot for his grand-children, experts are speculating which one of them might be bestowed the duke's title, with Prince Louis being the silent favorite.

Prince Edward (2017), (Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

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