Prince Harry & Meghan Celebrated Their 6th Anniversary On A Double Date With Millionaires

May 22, 2024 by apost team

Prince Harry, fifth in line for the British throne, met American actress Meghan in the summer of 2016 through mutual friends. In a cover story for Vanity Fair in September 2017, she said: “We’re in love.”

Less than ten months later, the couple got married in a ceremony watched by millions worldwide. Almost one year after their first wedding anniversary, on May 6, 2019, the couple welcomed their first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

The Duke and Duchess’ wedding, which took place on May 19, 2018, was in the media spotlight for months ahead of the event. The royal ceremony differed from others in the past, featuring elements of Meghan’s African American roots, such as a gospel choir. The ceremony was attended by many high-profile Hollywood personalities such as George and Amal Clooney.

The couple was first photographed together holding hands at the Invictus Games in 2017. The Invictus Games is an annual multi-sport event created by Prince Harry in 2014 for wounded and disabled veterans.

Like her husband, Meghan is active in humanitarian work. In addition to campaigning for women’s rights with the UN, she is also an ambassador for World Vision Canada, a Canadian charity that supports children in developing countries.

After much deliberation, the couple stepped back as senior royals in 2020 and relocated to the United States, where they live with their two children, Archie and Lilibet. Their sharp criticism of the royal family’s culture was met with some shock around the world, but the couple also found a lot of support. 

While many have been wondering what the couple did for their 6th anniversary, it was reported that they had a dinner outing with millionaires—two of what could be presumed to be their current closest friends. 

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle (2018), (IMAGO / i Images)

Harry and Meghan have their own specific love languages, just like any other couple. The royal couple is fond of giving and receiving gifts from each other. 

According to a People magazine source, Meghan had gifted Harry with “paper” on their first anniversary. 

"They love to do their own take on traditional wedding gifts," the source explained. "The first anniversary was paper, and Meghan wrote out the wedding speech and had it framed for him."

As for their second anniversary, "they both gave each other gifts based on 'cotton.' Undoubtedly, it was a very creative and romantic gesture as all their gifts are to one another," the source added.

For their third anniversary, the couple gave each other something “leather,” a symbol of something that only improves with age. 

Meanwhile, for their fourth anniversary, the couple gave each other “fruit and flowers,” representing the “blossoming of a relationship and how it ripens into maturity.”

Per Brides, Harry and Meghan’s fifth anniversary was celebrated through gifts of “wood.” "This reflects the strength and durability of your marriage, as well as the strong eternal roots you're putting down," the outlet said. 

Speaking to The Mirror, King Charles’ former butler, Grant Harold, revealed that Harry is "very sentimental" and will "put a lot of effort" into Meghan's gift for their fifth anniversary. 

"Any anniversary is special, but five years will definitely be celebrated. I'm sure it will be a day they will celebrate and remember for years to come. The gift for five years is wood, so it could be a wooden photo frame,” he added. 

According to Brides, the gift couples usually give out on their 6th anniversary is iron, “which symbolizes strength, confidence in your love, and the 'ironclad' life you've built together.”

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry (2018), (IMAGO / PA Images)

Six years into their marriage, the two have also become very caring parents to their children – Archie and Lilibet

In their 2024 trip to Nigeria, Meghan shared her unique perspective on raising her children to People

"I always reflect back on myself as a young girl and the type of inspiration that I wanted to see in other women. I hope in some small way I can be a part of that for a lot of these young girls especially," she revealed. "I saw myself in them. I see the potential in all of these young girls — and, by the way, in these young boys as well. It’s what we see in our own children — to give them that promise and excitement for their futures."

Meghan shared a heartwarming anecdote about Lilibet during their enlightening trip to Nigeria. 

“She’s about to turn 3,” Meghan said about her daughter, as quoted by HuffPost. “And a few weeks ago she looked at me and she would just see the reflection in my eyes. And she [said], ‘Mama, I see me in you.’ But I hung on to those words in a very different way. And I thought, ‘Yes, I do see me and you, and you see me and you.’ But as I look around this room, I see myself in all of you as well.”

Reflecting on their family life after their controversial move from the United Kingdom to the United States, Meghan shared her family’s current state with People.

"We’re just doing great. And happy to be watching our family grow up and evolve. Of course, I'm happy. We're really happy.” 

Tracy James, Brian Robbins (2022), (IMAGO / MediaPunch)

In six years, Meghan and Harry had shared various moments of their private lives with the public. During their fourth anniversary, the couple revealed why they decided to have George Frideric Handel's "Eternal Source of Light Divine” sung by Welsh soprano Elin Manahan Thomas on their wedding day. 

"[It] was actually Harry's choice entirely and I think a really beautiful piece," Meghan told People in 2022. "I can retrace that entire walk down the aisle listening to it. It really is so special for us, and I think it's one of those things we'll treasure forever."

Harry stated, "Wherever we are, whatever we're doing, we can close our eyes, listen to that music, and take ourselves straight back to that moment. It's a beautiful thing for both of us."

A video of Harry has been shared on X, formerly Twitter, where he can be heard expressing his fascination with Meghan as he walked down the aisle during their fairytale wedding. 

"You look amazing. I'm so lucky,” he simply said. 

While many would expect the two to celebrate their anniversaries with a grand spectacle, the couple reportedly celebrated their sixth with a private dinner with their closest friends. 

Tatler reported that Harry and Meghan decided to have dinner with their millionaire friends – Brian and Tracy Robbins – at Lucky’s, an upmarket steakhouse in Montecito, California. Unbeknownst to many, Brian is the current co-CEO of Paramount Global and Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures president since 2021. The two couples have been fairly close recently, as they were also spotted together at the “Bob Marley: One Love” movie premiere in Kingston, Jamaica. 

The publication noted that the couple has been fond of the restaurant for many years since they relocated to the United States. They were reportedly seen hanging out there in 2020 with David Foster and Katharine McPhee for a double date. 

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry (2017), (IMAGO / Xinhua)

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