Prince Harry Denounces England And The UK Media In Resurfaced Video From Before He Knew Meghan Markle

Sep 20, 2022 by apost team

Every so often, the public is treated to an inside view of the private life of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The royal couple stays relatively quiet outside of curated press releases and rare public appearances. Although the Duchess of Sussex was somewhat used to the spotlight as a former actress, being reintroduced as a member of the British royal family was extremely different and very difficult.

However, after Meghan and Harry announced their royal departure in 2020 and acted on that the following year, they've enjoyed a different kind of life in sunny California with their two children, Archie and Lilibet. It seems that life in Montecito, California, offers a particular kind of freedom that Harry didn't get when he was still a part of the royal family and lived in the UK.

Sadly, on Sept. 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II passed away after encountering health troubles. It was a devastating day for the royal family as many members gathered to be by her side in her final moments. 

Despite stepping down from his royal duties, Harry went to go be with his family during this incredibly difficult time. Meghan later joined him in the UK and together the couple attended Elizabeth's funeral on Sept. 19, 2022. 

Ever since the Sussexes left the royal family and the UK, the media has perpetuated rumors that it was all Meghan's idea, leading them to dub the move "Megxit." Since then, Meghan has been painted negatively in the press as the person who encouraged Harry to leave his family and country. 

But now, a video has surfaced that features old clips of Harry explaining his dislike of the British media and why he doesn't like to be in England. Supporters of the couple are using this as proof to try and clear Meghan's name.

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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (2018), (Chris Jackson-Pool/Getty Images)

The first clip in the video featured Harry in what looked to be his late teenage years, as he talked about "every single story" being "complete lies," while he presumably talked about the British press. 

The next clip is from when he was on active duty in Afghanistan. Dressed in his uniform, Harry talked about being there and added:

"I don't want to sit around at Windsor because I just genuinely don't like England that much, and, you know, it's nice to be away from all the press and the papers and all the general s*** that they write."

His disdain for the life he left back in the UK is clear and it's also apparent that despite being in a war zone, the royal felt a sense of freedom being away from the prying eyes of the tabloids. This is reiterated in various other clips, including one that was presumably filmed in the UK. After being asked if he was enjoying himself by a horde of reporters, Harry said frustratedly to the camera, "Not really with you guys around."

In another longer clip that was filmed while he was on duty in the Army, Harry talked about how "surprised" he was that so many people in the UK read the tabloids. He added, "Hopefully no one actually believes what they read." When asked by the reporter when his "mistrust of the press" started, Harry stated firmly: “I think it's fairly obvious how far back it goes. To when I was very small.”

There's no denying that Harry's life has been picked apart by the press since he was a mere boy, and this compilation of videos proves that he was rightfully distrustful of the media far earlier than when he began dating Meghan.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (2022), (Kirsty O'Connor-WPA Pool/Getty Images)

The user who posted the video to Twitter wrote:

"Prince Harry (has) always said that he doesn’t (associate) with y’all in the press, to your faces. Don’t start with “before Meghan”. You thought he was joking?"

Another user refuted this: “Nobody thinks that about him hating the press. His missus did not make him hate the press. His missus ‘says’ they hate the press but every action of hers is to ‘stay in the press’ by dissing his family.”

However, most people were on Harry and Meghan's side. One person even went so far as to say Meghan "rescued" Harry. They wrote:

"Meghan literally rescued him. If he'd married some 'rose', they would have forced him to stay there and spend the rest of his life in a prison he hated. Meghan happily help to leave so they could start a life together & not raise their kids in that dysfunctional household. Sweet.”

Another person added: “Wow, Harry in his own words ‘I don’t like England’. So, who was it that ‘radicalised’ him since he was ‘very small?’ Obviously not Meghan cos she wasn’t there.”

Other users made connections to how Harry's mistrust of the media likely stemmed from how much they hounded his late mother, Princess Diana. One person wrote: “Harry wanted to leave the UK way before Meghan came into the picture...why the hell would he stay then, when his wife was being trolled worse than his Mother??” Another added:

“I can not blame either of the Princes for being straight and abrupt with the media, they have every right to not be keen on the media after they hounded their mother to her death.”

From the clips, it's obvious that Harry's mistrust of the media is nothing new and was around much longer than his relationship with Meghan.

What do you think about Prince Harry being so open about his disdain for the press? What are your thoughts on how much he and Meghan Markle are hounded by the media? Let us know, and if you found this interesting, then pass it on so others can read it too.

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