Prince George's Birthday Photograph Has Royal Fans Saying Same Thing About His Appearance

Jul 22, 2021 by apost team

Celebrations are in order for Prince George as he celebrates his 8th birthday today! As expected, Kate Middleton snapped a never-before-seen photo of the birthday boy to commemorate this future king’s special day.

In the photo, George is pictured at Anmer Hall, Kate and Prince William’s getaway on Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. What’s notable about the birthday photo — besides George’s toothy grin and his striped polo shirt — is that it seems to pay tribute to the late Prince Philip, the boy’s great-grandfather. The 8-year-old sits atop a dark green Land Rover Defender, the same make that Philip requested and designed exclusively for his own funeral hearse. Philip also owned multiple Land Rover’s throughout his long life.

According to The Telegraph, Prince George and his family will celebrate the 8-year-old royal’s birthday privately. Last year, the Cambridge brood similarly commemorated George’s birthday, with Kate taking a photo of the then-7-year-old in a camouflage shirt at Anmer Hall.

George is Queen Elizabeth II’s great-grandchild and is third in the line of royal succession. If things go as planned, George will become king after his grandfather Charles, the Prince of Wales, and after his father, the Duke of Cambridge. He will be England’s 43rd monarch since 1066.

Friends and fans of the royal family wished George a happy birthday on Instagram, where the official Duke and Duchess of Cambridge account posted the exclusive snapshot early on Thursday morning in England. His photo has fans gushing about the fact that the young prince is his father's twin in not just his looks but other ways as well! 

Prince William, Prince George (2015), (Anwar Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images)

The birthday post, which was uploaded onto social media, read, “Turning eight(!) tomorrow 🥳🎂,” and included a photo attribution to Kate.

In the photo, George sits on the hood of the Land Rover Defender, which sells for upwards of $60,000, wearing an orange and blue polo shirt and a blue pair of casual chino shorts. In the background, we see the idyllic setting of Norfolk, a county on the west coast of England.

The photo has been a major hit with royal fans because George looks quite grown up, and very much like like his dad. One social media user wrote, "He looks so much like his dad!❤️." The same sentiment was echoed multiple times as another royal enthusiast added, "Oh my goodness look how much he resembles his Dad..and grandmother. Happy Birthday, young Prince!" Another royal fan chimed in, "He looks more like William every day. Gorgeous boy!"

Suffice to say, George's similarities to William has got fans quite excited. This photo confirmed the fact that George is Wiliam's mini-me in so many ways, especially in his appearance. In July 2021, George attended two UEFA Euro 2020 soccer matches with William, and fans were already taken by the young prince's appearance. 

Dressed in a well-tailored suit, George looked ecstatic to be watching the games live, though he was devastated by England's loss in the final. Speaking with PEOPLESophie Mirman, who is the founder and creative director of U.K. childrenswear store Trotters, commented on Prince George's stylish Euro 2020 look, stating:

"I thought he looked very dapper and regal. He must have felt very cool and grown-up in his new jacket and tie — matching with his dad was actually very cute too."

Prince George (2018), (Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images)

Normally wearing shorts and high socks during his public appearances, George is expected to make the switch to long pants after his 8th birthday. It's in fact an English custom for aristocratic boys to exclusively wear shorts, even in cold weather, until around this age before going for a more grown-up look in pants.

Mirman likened George's style evolution to his father, stating to PEOPLE:

"His style hasn't changed, but it's evolved in the way that you would assume it would, and it's very much reminiscent of what the young princes would have worn in the time of Princess Diana. It suits George beautifully." 

Although William followed the shorts-to-pants tradition too, he actually made the transition a little bit later than his son. Ingrid Seward, who is the editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, spoke to PEOPLE in 2014 about William's own style journey. She told the publication:

"Prince William didn’t wear long trousers until he went to school at Ludgrove at the age of 8 or 9."

George's eighth year may mark his move to Ludgrove School in Berkshire. Both William and Harry attended Ludgrove when they turned eight years old, and George may follow in his father's footsteps, according to Hello Magazine. Kate and William had reportedly been enquiring about schools and residences in Berkshire, but the question of whether the family would move there is still up in the air. This is because Charlotte still attends Thomas Battersea along with George, while young Louis goes to Willcocks Nursery School, which he started only in April. 

Only time will tell if George will end up attending Ludgrove this year. However, George's eighth birthday is certainly turning out to be a great event already and we hope he's having a great celebration!  

Do you think Prince George takes after his father? Tell us your thoughts, and be sure to pass this onto others to ask them what they think as well. 

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