Prince George Has Striking Resemblance To Father Prince William & Fans Spot Touching Detail In Picture Of Future King

Jul 22, 2021 by apost team

Prince William and Kate Middleton have three lovely children — 3-year-old Louis, 5-year-old Charlotte, and 8-year-old George, who celebrated his birthday today. As expected, Kate Middleton snapped a never-before-seen photo of the birthday boy to commemorate the future king’s special day.

The young prince is pictured at Anmer Hall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's country home on Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. One notable aspect of the birthday photo — besides George’s toothy grin and his striped polo shirt — is how similar George looks to his father Prince William in the photo. Now that he's slowly growing up into a young man, the family resemblance is becoming more apparent than ever. Commenters pointed this out, as well as the resemblance to Middleton, of course, as well as George's grandfather Prince Charles. 

What's more, it seems the photo pays tribute to the late Prince Philip, the boy’s great-grandfather. The 8-year-old sits atop a dark green Land Rover Defender, the same make that Philip requested and designed exclusively for his own funeral hearse. Philip also owned multiple Land Rover’s throughout his long life.

Recently, the young prince looked quite grown up as he joined his father and mother for two UEFA Euro 2020 Championships soccer matches. He looked like William's mini-me as he donned a smart suit that was perfectly tailored. While George was devastated that England ended up losing the final match on July 11, he was supported by both his parents at the game. It went to show that though George has a very different upbringing to most children as he is set to be the King of England in the future, he is just like any other kid in most other aspects of his life. 

Prince George, Prince William (2016), (Chris Jackson-Pool/Getty Images)

As she does for each of her children's birthdays, Kate Middleton shared the newest portrait of her eldest son to her and Prince William's joint Instagram account. Simply captioning the photo, "Turning eight(!) tomorrow," she also included a party face emoji and birthday cake emoji. In the photo, Prince George sits on the hood of the Land Rover Defender, which sells for upwards of $60,000, wearing an orange and blue polo shirt and a blue pair of casual chino shorts. In the background, we see the idyllic setting of Norfolk, a county on the west coast of England.

According to Town & Country, the Cambridges' home in Norfolk, Anmer Hall, was a wedding gift from the queen herself. Although the residence is mainly used as a country retreat, with the family mostly living at Kensington Palace, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent much of the coronavirus lockdown at the residence.

It's obvious just how happy George looks in the photo, as he smiles widely at the camera. Fans instantly mentioned how happy the young prince looks and also noted the touching detail about the Land Rover in honor of George's grandfather Prince Philip. Others saw a huge resemblance to his father, with one commenter writing:

"He looks so much like William! Happy birthday Prince George!!"

Meanwhile, another called him, "Dad's mini-me." Other fans pointed out how "handsome" George has become, which is very true indeed. One Twitter user even suggested that there was an inkling of Middleton's father in George. Needless to say, the young prince is a handsome amalgamation of various family members.

Princess Charlotte, Prince George (2017), (Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images)

George, who will be king one day, has apparently already been made aware of this fact, according to royal historian Robert Lacey's book, "Battle of Brothers: William and Harry — The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult." As reported by the Daily Mail, Lacey details that the duke and duchess broke the news to their son around the time of his 7th birthday last year. It explains that they put a lot of thought into how and when they would tell him, with Lacey writing they wanted it to be at a "controlled moment of their choice."

Hoping to give their son a regular upbringing before his life of service to the monarchy takes over in his elder years, the duke and duchess are certainly succeeding with all of the time they're spending at their country home, Anmer Hall. There the Cambridge children spend time outside playing with their dogs, taking bike rides and even gardening. 

Another sign of George's maturation into a young man was his rather grown-up outfit at the Euro 2020 games. Royal experts explained that it's an English aristocratic custom for boys to exclusively wear shorts and high socks — even in cold weather — until around their 8th birthday, at which point they switch to wearing long pants.

George's dapper outfit at the Euro 2020, which matched his father's, served as a perfect time for him to debut his new grown-up look. And now that his 8th birthday has passed, it seems that the future king will be stepping into a different phase of his life journey. He's surely growing up quickly before the world's eyes and we can't wait to see his development. 

Do you see the striking resemblance to Prince William in George's 8th birthday photo? Who else do you think the future king resembles from his family? If you enjoyed this, pass it on so other royal fans can stay up to date with the news.

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