Prince George Gets More Adorable Every Year

The next king of England is looking cuter by the hour. We can’t believe how fast Prince George has grown up. The little royal is the third in line for the throne after his grandfather Prince Charles and father Prince William. While he’s only five years old, George is gearing up to be the next royal.

Prince George will be turning six years old on July 22nd and he is looking more like his father each day. He is the eldest child to Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William born in 2013. In addition to being a celebrity himself, he has met a surplus of famous politicians, socialites, and sports stars. Even the famous tennis star Roger Federer.

Roger Federer confirmed that he was giving the little prince one on one tennis lessons. He told the Daily Star, "He’s a cute boy. I love to see that they’re into tennis or into sport. His mum has always enjoyed tennis," Federer said. "I hope he’ll stay the same in a few years’ time and this is not just an in-the-moment situation." Beyond tennis celebrities, George also meets with presidents.

When the prince was only two years old he met the former President Barrack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama wearing-wait for it- a bathrobe. While everyone was dressed in suits and ties, little George opted for pajamas, as if he couldn’t get any cuter. Obama later joked in his last speech at the White Houses’ Correspondents Dinner that George’s attire was “a clear breach of protocol.” 

Watch the little prince grow up in the video below:

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