Pregnant Woman Who Was Left By Husband At 30 Weeks Pregnant Finds $10,000 Wedge Of Cash In Oven

Sep 13, 2021 by apost team

Family is the most important thing in the world; be it your blood family or chosen, the bonds we share with our loved ones add incredible meaning to our lives. However, it is unfortunate that some people whom we consider our family can be the ones who hurt us the most. There are thousands of stories on the internet about how betrayals and letdowns have become painful and life-changing events in people's lives.

One such start came out in 2015 when a mother-to-be in Australia was faced with one of the most difficult times in her life. Amanda had thought all of her dreams were finally coming true. After suffering through three years of infertility, Amanda had her husband learned that they were expecting their first child. This news came after years of difficulties, both related to infertility as well as their marriage. As with all romantic relationships, they had their ups and downs but for a long time, they had been going on a downward spiral.

Hope that they could make 2015 their year, the couple decided to give it their all and they even bought a house, and before they knew it, Amanda fell pregnant. After stressful years, this happy news should have been something that only made them stronger; but unfortunately, everything ended up imploding. Finding herself suddenly without a partner and pregnant, Amanda was at a loss for how she should proceed, and in a beautiful gesture by the radio personality Jackie O, she received the gift of a lifetime just when she needed it the most.

Be sure to reach the end of this article to see the full video reported that Amanda shared her story on the radio show, where she told the hosts that she had been having marital problems with her husband for a long time. While the couple had decided to give it their all and make it work, the cracks in their marriage had become too big to continue it. 

While the news of Amanda's pregnancy was a welcome one, it was not enough to save the marriage, and unfortunately, her husband left her when she was 30 weeks pregnant, and Amanda was left to fend for herself and her baby alone. 

Amanda had hit rock bottom when her good friend, Anna, enlisted the help of a local radio station. Anna wrote to KIIS 1065 asking them to consider Amanda for the popular "Giveback" segment in the Australian radio channel KIIS 1065. She told the radio hosts, "It's been probably about five weeks since it all happened," and added, "The biggest thing was just the shock. It wasn't really what we'd planned or what I planned."

As Amanda explained the immense difficulty of dealing with the uncertainty of the situation, she had no idea that the radio station had already been hard at work. After Amanda finished telling the audience her story, the host told her to turn to face the video monitor. Host Jackie O told her, "We would love for you to be able to have this baby and not worry about the financial side of things." Amanda did not know what was in store for her, but it was to be the best kind of surprise.

On the monitor was a live video tour of Amanda's home. Amanda was brought to tears when she saw that her home had been filled with a myriad of gifts to help her on her journey. The home looked incredible, and the generosity extended by the radio station was immense. They had gone out of their way to make sure that Amanda had everything that she may require in the coming months. "Let's take a tour inside your house," Jackie told her

As the camera panned across the house, viewers were able to see what Amanda would be receiving. Included in the gifts were a vacuum cleaner symbolizing six months of free house cleaning, daily meals for the next three months, $4,000 of baby supplies, and Jacki added, "They're even throwing in a $1,00 baby photography voucher!" 

However, the true highlight of the tour would be the $10,000 in cash that had been put inside of the oven as a special surprise. Radio host Kyle said, "That is a big wad of cash. We will be helping you out with your mortgage. That is $10,000 right there, in cash. There's another stress taken away." Needless to say, these surprises were life-changing for Amanda. 

She continued to be emotional about the incredible generosity that she received from Jackie and Kyle and with tears streaming down her face, she could not get out enough thank yous. "I can't tell you," Amanda stammered to the radio hosts, overwhelmed. "That means don't have to move." This once-in-a-lifetime gift to Amanda would certainly be celebrated by her and her baby. 

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