Pregnant Woman Sees Blood Filling The Water And Rescues Husband From Shark Attack

Oct 16, 2020 by apost team

Atlanta, Georgia residents Andrew Eddy and Margot Dukes-Eddy were looking for a relaxing escape from the stress of the pandemic earlier this year. They took out a private boat in Marathon, Florida hoping for nothing more than a calming day on peaceful waters. Almost immediately after her husband jumped in for a dip, Margot spotted a dorsal fin and blood in the water. In just seconds, the peaceful journey turned into a Steven Spielberg nightmare.

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Andrew Eddy and Margot Dukes-Eddy are from Atlanta, Georgia. They’d had more than their share of the stress of isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Along with members of Margot’s family, they took off to vacation in the Florida Keys, as the Associated Press reports.

The group decided on an outing at Sombrero Reef, a popular site for snorkeling. The vacationers got hold of a private 20-foot motorboat and took to the waters. There were already a number of snorkelers enjoying the seemingly calm waters. Without a care in the world, Andrew suited up.

Wife Margot watched. And later everyone would be thankful for that. Her husband had not been in the water 10 seconds before her eye caught an unexpected sight.

She focused and realized she spotted the dorsal fin of a shark gliding on the water surface. She instinctively looked to Andrew and her chest tightened. In the area where her husband had jumped in was a rapidly forming pool of red.

They would find out later what Margot spotted was a bull shark, a creature that can get up to 13 feet in length. Reports later surfaced of others seeing the shark throughout that morning. Again, later, they'd find the shark had leaped out of the water and sunk its teeth into Andrew’s shoulder, reports CNN.

Seeing the blood and without hesitation, Margot leaped into the waters and helped her husband back onto the boat. This alone is already an extraordinary act of bravery. But add into the equation Margot was pregnant and you have got a feat of heroic proportions.

The shark had attacked and apparently abandoned Andrew. But no one had any way of knowing what could happen next. The shark might have been circling around. Once in the water, Margot swam to her seriously wounded husband and pulled him back to safety. According to CNN, the authorities airlifted Andrew to the closest hospital, Miami’s Ryder Trauma Center. The injury was severe.

Sheriff Rick Ramsay had praise for everyone who responded to the incident. "This was a very rare medical crisis for the Florida Keys," he told the press, "but everyone came together — including those witnesses on the boat to 911 Communicators to all our emergency responders."

A report by CNN states, "Monroe County, located around 160 miles southwest of Miami, has had only 17 confirmed and unprovoked shark attacks since 1882, according to the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File — making this case all the more surprising."

It should be noted shark attacks are very rare. The chances of getting attacked by a shark are 1 in 11.5 million. Many attacks are accidents as hard as that may be to believe. A shark mistakes a human for a species it does eat. In this case, it may explain why Andrew got bitten and was left alone.

We wish Andrew a speedy recovery and applaud the courage of his wife. Have you ever seen a wild animal in a public place? Let us know below, and be sure to pass this story on to friends and family members.

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