Pregnant Woman Finds Out Her Fiancé Cheated But Years Later Witnesses Him Crying On The Phone To Her

Nov 06, 2023 by apost team

A pregnant woman unfortunately got cheated on with another woman by her fiancé. Little did he know that she was carrying their unborn baby at the time, but he never found out about it until years later. Read on below how the woman got the revenge of her life, all thanks to karma.

A user named MamaEmpath took to the r/ProRevenge subreddit on Reddit to share a story that happened to her around 1999/2000. 

To give a background about her relationship, the Redditor, who moved from Alaska to the Pacific Northwest, explained that she had gotten out of a five-year relationship and had the courage to tell her junior high school crush, whom she called DN, that she liked him. 

Everything happened over the telephone, and she just wanted to let her feelings out without any expectations. However, she was surprised that he also liked her.

Prior to their conversation, she promised herself that she was “never moving back” to Alaska, but after they spoke again, she questioned her decision.

She has a family member who worked as a pilot, and she had the great opportunity of flying back and forth to Alaska on a “buddy pass/standby ticket,” so she decided to visit DN every couple of weeks.

After months of doing that, DN proposed to her, and she said yes “without hesitation.” She immediately started planning to move back to Alaska and be together with her then-fiancé to start a new chapter of her life.

She packed up all of her belongings in the Pacific Northwest and shipped some items back to her hometown as she and DN planned to stay at his place, where he had a roommate named BM.

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Days prior to moving back to the state, the woman felt something was off with her body, so she decided to take a pregnancy test, which came out positive. She was so happy with the news that the Redditor called DN that evening.

Although he answered the phone call, there was a party happening at his place at the time, and before she even broke the news about their baby, he immediately told her, “but first I have to tell you about this really cool artist chick...” 

The user referred to the woman as THOT ("thot" being a term used to refer to a sexually provocative, promiscuous woman), and she was irked by the way her then-fiancé talked about her. 

They never spoke again until the evening after, and to her surprise, DN confessed that he cheated on her with THOT and it was a terrible mistake, but he still wanted her to move back to Alaska. 

The user had the courage to say that she would not marry him but would return to Alaska only to collect her belongings. Unfortunately, the woman suffered a miscarriage that week, and she was devastated about it.

The day finally came, and she arrived in Alaska. Upon arriving, the roommate let her in, and DN was in his room passed out, so she patiently waited on the couch.

Later on, she was surprised that DN was bold enough to invite THOT over to meet her, and it turned out the other woman thought she was “just a friend” all along.

The news about their breakup then spread to their mutual friends and his family, and no one knew the two of them had ended things, which left her emotional.

Despite THOT being constantly around the house while she was left on the couch, she never had the energy to confront DN.

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She later revealed in the thread that she was bisexual, and she immediately thought that THOT “was at least flexible” in terms of sexuality.

There was a party happening at DN’s house one evening, and she decided to seduce THOT before she got drunk. They later locked themselves in DN’s room.

After they finished, the Reddit user told THOT everything, and the other woman understood why she was cold when they were introduced to each other.

DN did not assume that anything was wrong, so the party went on that night, and THOT left. He later asked about what exactly happened that day, and the poster revealed what happened.

“I made him feel just as small and insignificant as he had made me feel,” the Redditor added.

After she got all of her things and shipped them back to where she came from, she hopped on a flight and never heard from DN for the next five years until he tracked her on social media and decided to catch up through a call.

DN had the worst karma after everything that happened and explained that THOT cheated on him with his best friend, he got fired from his job on Christmas Eve, his truck got impounded, his family found out about what happened with the breakup and disowned him.

He even got beat up by his friends at a drinking party at his place.

After he told his story, she decided to reveal her pregnancy and miscarriage, which left him “sobbing on the other line.” She also told him she got married and was expecting her first child at the time.

“I learned how to get revenge by maintaining my grace and composure, stating only the facts, keeping my emotions to myself and my demeanor together,” she wrote towards the end.

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What would you do if you were in the same situation as the woman in the story? Would you take revenge on your ex-lover the way she did? Let us know your thoughts, and make sure to pass this on to your friends and family.

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