Pregnant Mother With 3 Kids Shows Off Her Friends Cleaning Her Home Instead Of Throwing Her A Baby Shower

Nov 05, 2023 by apost team

The news that a baby is on the way is usually received with joy, not only by the expecting parents but also by their family and friends. Other than congratulations and other well-wishes, close friends and family typically look forward to the traditional baby shower, where they get to shower the parent(s) with love and gifts. The gifts are generally received with thanks, especially since having a baby can be pretty expensive.

However, not everyone likes parties, and many do not want to be the center of attraction. Baby showers can also get boring with the mundane things that go on, such as wowing over every gift or getting the same things over and over again, particularly if the expectant parents have more than one child already. Baby showers can also be expensive since the guests will be fed, and decorations can cost a lot of money. 

A mom of three who didn’t like parties found her way around this situation and followed a viral trend by asking her friends to throw her a nesting party rather than a baby shower. Per The Bump, Nesting parties are a “small gathering of close family and friends to celebrate the parents-to-be and help them get ready for baby’s arrival.”

These parties alleviate the stress a new mom would experience before and after the delivery of their baby(ies) and help them approach parenting more positively. Nia Lui cracked this code by inviting her friends to do this instead of the traditional shower. The mom of three recorded her friends as they helped clean her home and posted it on TikTok and Instagram on Oct. 13, 2023. The clips were met with enthusiasm and praise. Keep reading for the details. 

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Nia Lui’s now-viral TikTok clip posted on Oct. 13, 2023, was captioned

“Every pregnant mom needs a nesting party. If you’re pregnant and don’t want a baby shower, do this. If you have a pregnant friend, do this for them!”

Lui’s reference was to the cleaning and organizing her friends did in her home in preparation for her third baby. 

“So, I had my nesting party last night instead of a baby shower, and it was amazing,” she said in a voiceover.

The expectant mom sent a list of the things she wanted done in the home to a friend, Bree, who then sectioned the tasks on cards and distributed them to each partygoer. Lui was in charge of supervising the work. 

After cleaning, everyone sat down to eat. 

“Everything was so clean and organized, and I feel so much more ready for this baby,” Lui shared

Her friends also brought some freezer meals for her, so she would have less to do with that after giving birth. 

“We got so much done, and it just made me feel so at peace in my own home and way better than a baby shower. So if you don’t want a baby shower or if this is like your third or fourth kid, do this,” she opined

In response to those who asked her where her husband was, Lui replied that he took their two sons on a playdate so they wouldn’t get in the way. She also revealed that she doesn’t like baby showers or games. 

Many were fans of her method, although some expressed hesitation about doing the same. 

“Honestly I’d prefer doing this to sitting for three hours watching someone open presents,” someone commented

What do you think of nesting parties? Have you ever had one, or are you planning to have one? Let us know — and be sure to pass this on to friends and family who might like this idea.

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