Pregnant Mother Is ‘Brain Dead’ So They Keep Her Alive For 123 Days To Give Birth To Twins

Feb 25, 2019 by apost team

When Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha was only nine weeks pregnant in 2017, her family didn't know if she would pull through. Although her outcome was not what they wanted, the family is still celebrating.

According to the Daily Mail, Doctors saw that Frankielen's babies still had a heartbeat even after she died. They were able to keep her alive so that her body would be able to provide the nutrients for the twins, but there was no chance that Frankielen would survive because she was brain dead.

While the mother was in the hospital, her nurses made sure that her room was decorated so that it was comfortable. They treated her family like they were special as well. When an ultrasound was performed, doctors didn't think that they would see anything. What they saw was a miracle. Both babies were growing and thriving. Each day that passed meant that the twins could be delivered as healthy babies.

Fortunately, Frankielen's organs had not suffered any kind of damage from the stroke, which is how the babies were growing. The mother spent 123 days in the hospital. Her babies were delivered via C-section. The little boy and girl were kept in an incubator and were being cared for by the nurses and by their father for about three months.

Frankielen's mother is saddened by the loss of her daughter, but she is happy that there is a part of her left behind for the family to love. Soon after her children were born, Frankielen's life support was shut off so that her family could grieve her death while enjoying her babies.

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