Pregnant Mom With 'Toddler-Sized' Belly Goes On To Deliver Biggest Baby Doctor Has Seen

Jun 29, 2020 by apost team

Mothers who have a C-section are often surprised by the activity that takes place in the delivery room as well as what happens with the baby after delivery. In this story from 2017, Chrissy and Larry Corbitt were ecstatic when they found out that they were going to have a baby. They already had three children at home, so adding another child wasn't really much to think about.

One thing that the family noticed was that Chrissy's stomach was a bit larger than it had been with past pregnancies. She thought that maybe she was having twins or that something was wrong with her baby. But after giving birth via C-section, Chrissy's baby Carleigh had the appearance and size nearly that of a toddler, coming in at over 13 pounds!

There was only one baby on each ultrasound image that was performed. Doctors felt sure that the pregnancy was going smoothly and that there weren't any health issues. The only thing doctors could conclude was that Chrissy's baby was going to be larger than normal.

No one really knew how large her baby would be until she was in the delivery room and heard nurses screaming.

Chrissy was ready to meet her little girl after her C-section. However, she wasn't greeted with the face of an infant. She thought she was looking at a toddler! The nurses cleaned the baby and soon weighed her. Chrissy's baby was over 13 pounds!

Newborn diapers wouldn't fit, so the nurses had to get larger ones while the baby was in the hospital. Chrissy and her husband had to get larger clothes when they took their baby home.

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