Precious Service Dog Puppies Take Exciting Plane Trip To Forever Homes

Aug 01, 2020 by apost team

For someone living with disabilities, a service dog can greatly improve their quality of life. These highly trained dogs allow a disabled person to live more fully and independently. Service dogs can assist with tasks, guide their owners, and even alert others when a serious medical event is about to happen. This makes a huge difference in the lives of their owners.

Non-profit organizations like Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), breed and train labrador and golden retriever puppies free of charge. This is an amazing opportunity for people who can't afford to spend up to $ 50,000 on a fully trained service dog. To achieve this feat the organization relies on volunteers to transport and train these special pups by means such as private planes. This is how these puppies were delivered to their trainers, where they will learn how to become service dogs.

Canine Companions for Independence needs to transfer puppies from its specialized breeders to training volunteers, often across the country. This means that they generally work in partnership with major airliners to accomplish the task.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, they have been unable to transport puppies from their main headquarters in California. This means that the puppies from breeders can't make it to their training destinations at a time when they are the most trainable. Fortunately, private pilots have stepped up to the challenge in CCI's time of need.

Pilots like Martyn Lewis and Josh Hochberg are volunteers with non-profit organizations that pair licensed pilots with the owners of private planes, reports Insider. The organizations transport animals free of charge for numerous organizations and animal rescues. Partnering with Canine Companions for Independence was the perfect match.

It made it possible to transport these adorable eight-week-old puppies to their trainers, where they will learn how to become service dogs to help people and organizations.

This video documents the incredible journey of 12 of their adorable retriever puppies. In it, we see volunteers from the organization preparing the puppies for their flight from the CCI headquarters in California to trainers in New York. Once the pups are on the ground in New York, they are paired with their handlers.

The experienced handlers and trainers will help these puppies grow from adorable roly-poly puppies into skilled service dogs. It's clear that the volunteers enjoy the process of loving and nurturing these pups throughout their service dog journey. It's a rewarding process that greatly helps those who are most in need.

To maintain the health and safety of the dogs, pilots, and their trainers, the pups are wiped down and receive a CCI coat. Using a private plane also allows the volunteers to maintain social distancing and ensure everyone's safety. During these frightening times, it is important that people in need continue to receive their companions.

COVID-19 may have brought the country to a standstill this year, but people with disabilities don't get a break. Thankfully, volunteers across the country are keeping this organization going during difficult times. This ensures that those in need aren't left hanging while the world deals with the coronavirus crisis. The pups are able to make it to their training destinations safely and eventually to their new homes with their grateful owners.

Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has presented, organizations like Canine Companions for Independence are able to continue their important work. Thankfully, volunteers were able to step in and help out when the commercial airlines couldn't.

These volunteers and organizations continue to offer valuable services and ensure that life goes on, even when the world is struggling to cope. If you enjoyed this story, be sure to share this heartwarming tale with your friends and bring a smile to their day.