Pre-Teen Volunteers To Cut Lawns For Tips – Feeds Homeless With Earnings

Oct 22, 2020 by apost team

Not everyone is opposed to hard work. One young person puts adults to shame with his work ethic. Phoenix Browne, 12,  from Chesapeake, VA, shows how you can combine hard work with a caring attitude.

Although not even a teenager, he's already displaying the right attitude for success in life. Phoenix spends a lot of time mowing lawns in his neighborhood, and he puts more emphasis on doing good deeds rather than making money.

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According to WAVY, Browne doesn't charge anyone for his services. If he feels someone needs their lawn cut, then he volunteers and takes on the job. Homeowners give him tips for his work, but the 12-year-old doesn't keep the tips for himself; instead, he uses it to feed the homeless.

Phoenix cuts lawns for older adults, the disabled, and others who may run into trouble doing the job themselves or cannot afford lawn care services. No worries, as Phoenix is on the job. The local city council recognized Phoenix's work and good deeds, even giving him a certificate of recognition acknowledging his accomplishments.

Phoenix found inspiration in Alabama's Raising Men Law Care Services' 50-Yard Challenge. The organization challenged youngsters to look around their community and see if they could cut people's lawns in need. Phoenix might have topped the initial 50-yard challenge, thanks to his work ethic.

Phoenix admits some days proved harder than others. Waking up at 7:30 AM to mow lawns can be a chore, and there were days Phoenix didn't feel up to it. However, he committed and stuck to his plans.

Phoenix had a little help, though. His dad would drive him around to make sure he could meet his goals. Phoenix did handle all the lawn mowing on his own, though.Phoenix's selfless acts extended to using tip money to buy pizza for needy people. He took nothing for himself. All his work served as an act of kindness to others.

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