Portland Man Comes Up With Idea Of Using Old Cruise Ship For Homeless Shelter And Affordable Housing

Oct 18, 2019 by apost team

In the last few years, Portland, Maine has been struggling to get more affordable housing. When rent is too high, more people end up being homeless. But now a solution is being explored on where to house homeless or low-income individuals. In Portland, Maine, a new solution is being explored. 

One innovative entrepreneur in the city may have found an unorthodox, brilliant solution. The goal is to buy a retired, old ship. It used to be a cruise ship, so it still has separate quarters for guests and staff members.

Once the cruise ship is purchased, it can be redesigned as housing for the homeless. The idea was started by an entrepreneur named Ken Capron.


Capron wants to dock the old ship in Portland's harbor. If the plan is successful, it would create a floating neighborhood. It also offers a number of benefits. Normally, residents fight about where a homeless shelter is placed. 

With the cruise ship plan, the location will not be an issue. At the moment, Capron wants to use the ship for four different populations. Other than homeless individuals, he wants to offer rooms for the workforce population, low-income individuals and immigrants who need housing.

The ship would also have job skills training so that residents could start working and afford their own home. The entire ship would be divided into five different decks. Each of the decks would include at least 100 housing units.

The ship already has individual rooms, so it would require very few adjustments.

Now, the only problem is figuring out who will pay for the ship and the renovations. Capron is not concerned. He is ready to tackle any problem tossed his way. As this brilliant, unusual idea shows, he has a talent for finding new ways to accomplish his goals.

Even the mayor of Portland has vouched for the brilliance and creativity of the idea. The mayor knows how many hurdles are in the way of the project, but he is thrilled that someone has stepped up to offer a solution to the city's homelessness problem. 

Currently, Capron has filed for a grant to get started reports NECN. The grant will pay for an independent feasibility study. Depending on the study's results, the plan will move on to the next step. Capron will take it to the city commission to get their approval.

At the moment, the cost of using the ship is expected to be $20 million. It would have space for more than 1,000 residents and would be one of the first floating neighborhoods ever. The idea in the video might sound crazy, but it could actually work to reduce the city's homelessness rate.

If this idea ends up paying off, it could inspire other cities to invest in retired cruise ships. For now, the project has been named Hope Harbor.

Cities throughout the country have been inspired by this project to think of new, innovative ways to house the homeless. Hopefully, this project will end up paying off and help disadvantaged people get back on their feet.

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