Popular Video Of Toddler Greeting Her Brothers After School Is Making Our Hearts Melt

Sep 16, 2021 by apost team

Reuniting with anyone you love is always an emotionally charged moment. Whether you haven't seen them in a long time or if it was just earlier that day, when you miss someone and look forward to seeing them, it's always an incredibly happy moment to be together again.

This kind of feeling was perfectly demonstrated by a toddler and her three older brothers. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, the 18-month-old toddler is Emelia "Emmy" Muddamalle, and she happens to be a quarantine baby. That means that she was born during the pandemic, and her early life was marked by having all of her family members around constantly.

Now that conditions are changing and some parts of the world are going back to normal, Emmy has had to part ways with her three older brothers, Liam, 10, Levi, 8, and Lucas, 6, while they go off to school. And to her dismay, it hasn't been easy. The children's mother, Brittany Muddamalle, told Good Morning America:

"She never experienced her brothers gone. This is the first time. She'll wake up from her nap like, 'Where in the world are my brothers?' and look for them all day."

Well, it's no surprise then that their reunion at the end of each day would be a moving one. Thankfully for us, Brittany managed to capture it, and it's even more adorable than you can imagine. Filmed out on the street, it shows Emmy running towards her brothers — who are also running towards her — as they all scream excitedly before finally embracing in a group hug. It's too cute for words, and unsurprisingly, it's since gone viral.

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Posted to Brittany's Instagram, she includes a text caption in the video for context, which reads:

"This is what happens when her big brothers come home from school."

In the clip, Emmy is seen walking away from the camera while a scream in the distance yells her name. It's one of her brothers, and instantly, the excited toddler responds, "Hiiii!" and begins wildly running towards her siblings. Once they're in view, they can be seen running towards her too, and although it takes them a little bit, all four siblings eventually come together. First, one of Emmy's brothers kneels down and hugs her before the other two join in on the giant group hug.

Brittany captioned her post "Every. Single. Time. ❤️," suggesting that each day is like this. How special it must be to see your kids showing so much love to each other all the time! Brittany explained a bit more about the moment in her chat with GMA. She revealed:

"They're pretty close. With (Emmy), they just dote on her. They put her on their backs for piggy rides. They just do everything with her all day long, so when they were gone, she literally was like 'What am I supposed to do?'"

While it's sad for Emmy that she doesn't have her brothers around all day, their reunion was no doubt incredibly special for her, judging by the video. And it certainly made for some compelling viewing! It's obviously resonated with a lot of people, as it's been viewed over 18.5 million times on Instagram and has 4.2 million likes on TikTok.


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