Poodle Cat Breed Is Adorable Internet Sensation We Need Today

Most people love cats. Although some people are skeptical, cat lovers everywhere are here to remind us that these four-legged friends are uniquely amazing. Users of the internet tend to be particularly fond of cats, using online social media platforms to watch funny and adorable cat videos or share pictures of their favorite fuzzy friends.

Although they were first discovered in Montana back in 1987, poodle cats—a genetically distinct breed characterized by its thick, curly hair—have recently become a sensation among online cat lovers.


Once you own a cat, you know that they make amazing companions. You might even have such a soft spot for these animals that you feed or take care of stray cats that live in the neighborhood.

By now, you may think you know everything there is to know about cats. What if we told you that there is a breed of cat you’ve never seen before?



First discovered in the late 1980s, the breed of cat called the Selkirk Rex is a uniquely interesting type of cat, as MNN.com reports. The breed first appeared in Montana from a feral cat that was pregnant with five kittens. When the kittens came out, one of them had a different type of hair than their mother. A breeder adopted this amazing kitten and the rest is history.

Although they are fairly new on the scene, people are beginning to fall in love with their adorable appearances. How can you tell if a cat is a Selkirk Rex? Their special curly, thick and amazing coat of hair! When you see their coat in pictures, you’ll admit that it’s impressive. But petting and stroking one of these cats will prove to be even more amazing!


Why the unique title for this special breed? The breeder that adopted the curly-haired kitten decided to name the new type of cat after her stepfather, according to Mordecai Siegal's cat guidebook I Just Got a Kitten. What Do I Do?This means that not only are cats of this breed unique but so is the name since it is one of the only types of cats to be named after a human!

After taking some time to breed these cats further, the International Cat Association finally recognized the Selkirk Rex as its own unique and special breed.

What do you think about the Selkirk Rex breed? Would you ever adopt one of your own? Let us know and pass this information on to fellow cat lovers.